Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm Back :D

Hello everyone! Long time no blog liao!!!! And now i'm back!!!!! :D Miss me? 

Hahahaha i bet not :P 

Anyway, My N-level still haven over yet. We only finish English, English Listening and Social Studies! Social Studies is like a big burden!!!! Luckily is already over! I have spend my September 1 week holiday studying on Social Studies! Also going back to school to have consultation 3 times! And guess what! Globalisation DID NOT come out! *dead stare at the setter* Luckily, i did not put my bet on Globalisation only! Phew!!!!~ Okay luh.....Globalisation did come out but is on SBQ which is useless but it okay :D At first, i thought i will feel sad about it but i don't know why i just can't feel the sadness...LOL! IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME?! Hahahaha! I guess it is because i already put in the effort so i already did my best! :D So right after Social Studies N-level examination, everyone was saying it is tough and from then on they said they hated chocolate! It is so funny because the SBQ come out about what chocolate Cadbury company etc! So yah, i bet now they all will be even skinny! LOL! But i really have to say that the Social Studies is really tough. So moving on to English Listening, which doesn't have much of a problems. The only problem is we have to waste our precious 30 minutes just to wait for that paper. Moving on to English which is today......I think the paper is not bad although 1 or 2 question is difficult to answer but i think overall still okay luh! So now, i finally stress-free (LOL LIKE REAL) and after 2 weeks, N-level battle start again! It so sian to go back to normal lesson tomorrow....SO SIAN! Gonna study Biology and Chemistry like soon......Not today but soon! Hahahaha :D Okay luh! That's all for today update :D BYE :D 

See this picture remind me that i need to have a haircut.....Now my hair like grass.....(This is overdue picture that i taken longgggg ago)

PS: It is so sad that band camp cannot stay overnight anymore!!!!! Like why??? Seriously :(
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