Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Going to over soon! JIAYOU

Hello everyone :D So long never update any post le! I'm sorry guys! :P N-level exam battle 2 start again! That's why i don't have the time to update new post! But i promise, after my N and O level, i will shower my blog with lots of love okay :D Anyway, yesterday is both Biology and Chemistry exam paper. Quite okay luh :) I now left with Amath, Geography, FNN and O level Emaths! 4 more paper to go! Jiayou everyone that taking their major exam this year! It going to be over soon just hang on there and don't give up :) ~FIGHTING~ 

My current wallpaper for my laptop :P It motivate me whenever i open it hahahaha! My adorable minhyuk *.* 

Currently addicted to 2 song heehee~
Nonono - Apink
We fell inlove - Adam couple

Okay luh! That's all! I promise after my major exam i will live my life even fullest until it burst! I have so many things that i want to do! For example, shopping for more clothes, baking, read more storybook and workout! YES! BYE! 

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