Friday, October 25, 2013

Out of cage! / Finding jobs!

Hi everyone!!!!! As promise, i'm finally back to blogging!!!! :D YES! MY EXAM FINISH!!! I'M FREE FROM STRESS FOR NOW!!!! :D YAY!!!!! :D Anyway, Emaths paper 1 is quite okay BUT Emaths paper 2 killed me without warning :'(. But it's okay! Should not talk about it anymore :) So, i just transfer pictures to my computer and realised that mostly the pictures is come from Li Wen! Hahahahaa!!! You know my computer have folders which is specially dedicated to Li Wen de! Feeling really bless that i have such a wonderful best friend :) Really really appreciate it :) So yah! I'm free now :D Stress-less feel really good! 

Anyway, i have been finding jobs and it so so SO difficult! It is really not as easy as i think! Me, Gillian and Lingli went to find jobs today at Serangoon Nex! Finally found one that we kind of like so we went to ask them about the pays and working time. So apparently, tomorrow we have to go to a very far away place for interview! I really hope i get the jobs and start work as soon as possible! I also hope that we can stay and work together because if we separate it will be really really lonely so i don't want! Why i say it is hard to find jobs is because we don't have any experience, age limit, not working full time etc. We even went to pet shop to ask for jobs since we love animals! However, the person did not really say about the working time, the pay and what we should do. He only tell us to go one place and contact the person.....LOL! So yah.... we walk the whole day just to search for job! Argh!!!! Why can't i just work at home? I really want those job like at home blogging and advertise things! I really want that!!! But......haiz... Fann should continue dreaming about that! 

Haiz! Tomorrow have to wake up early to go for jogging provided i can wake up hahahahaa!!! And also for interview! Seriously, i'm praying hard! *cross finger* 

So, time check now is 2:10am so i should sleep now :) 

Good night human :) 

PS: Will update what me or my sister have been buying over the past few week! Please give me some time to edit the pictures and it will be on my blog really soon :) 
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