Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sasa and other products Haul :)

Hi human :) I'm back! Really happy to said that i get the job that i interview and interview is not as scary or difficult as i think.....Or maybe the person that interview me is nice hahahaha!! :) So i can start work from 18 November onward :) Which is quite bad for a first day because we need to leave early to prepare our prom night as it is also occur that day!!! Haiz!!! If i know early, i won't even go and pay for the prom night lor!!! Anyway, i also cut my hair. Actually i already cut it before Emaths exam! Hahahaha! My hair length is from waist to chest area now and i have bang now! How i wish i can dye hair and cut it even shorter and perm it........ But well....I'm still schooling next year :( 

This is a good news that i receive long ago! I can't believe i got 3 VAA certificates! I achieve all 3 value from school! Gosh!!! So i'm a fine lady now -wink-
Imagine i give Mr Ong (my primary school teacher) I beg he will jaw drop and be proud of me hahahahaha!!!! :D 

Anyway, lets start the blog post about what my sister bought from Sasa and other products such as faceshop or bodyshop (I always mix up this 2 shop LOL)  that she spend over $100+ :) 

I think this is cleanser and toner or moisturizer :) 
Sorry that it is blur even though i try my best to focus....

This is Tea tree toner that my sister bought for me :) 
It have cooling effect i guess and at the same time kind of spicy?? I don't know what that word but please avoid eyes area because it is really painful. 

Everybody have been saying that this is good! Well, it is! And a lot of benefit too! 

Mascara :) 

Remove makeup liquid :)

Eyelash curler :)

My sister boyfriend bought this for my mum because my mum said the Olay products does not do it job so yah.... New products for her! 

All makeup stuffs! 

So yah, she bought a lot because her friend say is good so...... she bought a lot without even trying the products.... :P But i think is good luh! I damn love the packaging :) 


I'm done with this post so buh-bye :D 

New songs addict 

Hush hush - Pussycat Dolls remix version 

I choose to love you - Hyorin

All for you - Eunji & Seo In Gook 

(I recently damn love couple songs :D ) 

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