Monday, October 14, 2013

Things i want to do (:

Finally after much consideration, i have finally decided to on computer and blog a little! Actually i have a lot to blog about but i was too lazy and busy.....and.....well, haven transfer photos to computer yet. I decided to blog also because i have nothing to do...Like...I have lost my motivation to study FNN and Emaths.. LOL. But i will go study eventually..... I already plan what i want to do after exam. IMMA GO PARTY!!!!~ le sigh.... Anyway, lets talk about what i want to do after exam! I have already planned nicely! Hope that i have the motivation to accomplished it!

1) Jogging! Yes, i need to train my stamina back! I hope i'm able to lead a healthy lifestyle hahahaha!!! Seem like a joke for me but i have to. I have to practice for my 2.4km run for next year and also playing French horn for next year! FRENCH HORN NEED STAMINA TO HOLD BREATHE OKAY! 

2) Eat more healthy foods! Meaning i have to cut down my tidbit and chocolate! EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES! Which is quite hard for me because i remember my house do not have tidbit a couple of days and last Saturday, i can't take it anymore and went to bought a lot of tidbit back and now i only left 2 and a half tin of tidbit...... :\ This is bad..... I can sense that my health condition is already bad....So yah. This is a must do kind of things.

3) I hope i can go out more often, like went to shopping and sing Kbox and stuffs like that....Or also can go out to do crazy stuff like..... climbing mountain LOL! I need to buy more sweater for myself!

4) I hope i can bake more and explore more on baking. I HAVE TO SUCCESS ON MY MACAROON! YES I DIDN'T FORGET THAT MY 2 ATTEMPT OF BAKING MACAROON CAME OUT LIKE SHIT! But it taste nice though :P

5) I hope i can read more storybook! Hope after exam, i have more time to go library and borrow more books to read. I always love to read my favorite storybook with a cup of hot honey green tea in my hand! 

6) Explore more on makeup and skincare. CURRENTLY MY SKIN IS FROM BAD TO WORSE! Pimple is all around my face! And not to mention my face is already ugly and pimple come and make it even worse! I really have to take care my skin and i say this a lot of time, i know! Explore makeup is because for the prom, i need to know which makeup suit me best! 

7) Going to SPCA to do volunteer work is always my dream. I find that talking to human is so tiring and hard. I prefer to talk to animals. Plus, animals is much more friendly, loyal and can easily get along with. Although i have to admit i scared of some animals, but this is a chance to let me overcome it! I have decided to go SPCA with Li wen! :D 

8) Do more abs workout! Having an abs is i always wanted and yes, i have decided to challenge myself and have abs! It may be difficult but having that burning sensation when you working out feel great! Believe me! 

9) Wear more skirt, dress and high heel. I have to be more girly....HAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING! THIS NEVER BE MY LIST BEFORE! LOL! I have to chiong my show!!! THE HEIR!!! WAIT FOR ME I'M COMING AFTER 23 OCTOBER! 

10) I have decided to start my own youtube account! Maybe to do a song cover to make people deaf or let their ear bleed or something because i'm evil :P 

11) I have to train my editing skills! My wish is to take pictures with Kang Minhyuk but i know that's hardly ever come true so........editing picture will do the job! 

12) Clear my room!!!! Seriously, my tables is really messy due to exam! 

13) Explore nailart :D I love art :) 

I guess that's all! :D I can't think of any except this few things :D Seem easy, but kind of hard to achieve but well.... i will try my best :D 

Currently addicting to some songs :D 
- Star (Kang Minhyuk) 
- Baby steps (TTS) (Varsity) I love both version :) 

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