Thursday, November 14, 2013

A lot coming up!

Hahahaha! Please take a minutes to appreciate my red hair! 
Hey human! I'm sorry to keep you all waiting for my new posts! Really sorry!!!! Just transfer pictures to computer and currently editing it!!! As expected, there are a lot of pictures have to be edit! But i promise there are quite a lot of posts coming up! Hopefully soon! Hahahaha :P Just realise i have so much to blog about! For example, baking! Because me and my sister bake quite a lot the last few week i guess! And also i want to blog about my job interview! This Sunday i also will be going out with Li wen and Deon so i expect i will be blogging about that too! Oh yah! Next Monday will be my first day working and also prom night! Hopefully it will all go well on Monday because think about it, it is actually quite rush! Morning to afternoon work, night prom! Just nice it kind of clash in between! So yah....God, hopefully 18 November which is Monday, all will went on smoothly and well! *pray* *cross finger* !!! Hahahaha :P I guess after blogging all that, the other posts should be my rants/complain for working bah......Since i never work before so it is quite new to me and hopefully i won't lost temper when talking to customers or manager....LOL....

And also, recently reading Nick Vujicic books. He inspired me so much that i start to bless everything i have and also kind of giving me to have no reason to complain about my life. I also become more positive and love life too! What he say is really meaningful and he is really strong! I recommend all of you to read! 

So yah! That's all for now :) Bye for now :D 

PS: That red hair is fake, i edit it! 
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