Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back to band :)

Hi humans!! There's a day that i went back to band because they having band camp! I feel so happy to see all my juniors have grown up so much! They seem to be more sensible and obedient now :) Really glad to know that Jason will be the future drum major! And i was like :OOOOO WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?! Hahahaha!!! :D Not bad not bad! Keep it up! :D 

So yeah....I didn't do much that day anyway because i was just chatting with people or stay silent or just keep eating or see them playing or see them do forfeit and plus i leave early because i have to attend my brother teacher parents meeting....Yeah i know, I'm his parents :) (JUST KIDDING)! 

My outfit of that day. You probably see me wear this kind of clothes before. 

Love to take pictures of myself because i'm just that vain.

This is the lens i'm wearing. I still like black colour though....I love it when my eyes look harsh looking! 
But, this lens still make my eyes look bigger so i appreciate it :) 

And also thank you band for giving me this keychain! It so pretty!!! :D And also the foods/dessert they provide which is like buffet like that! Quite delicious too!

More Fann pictures.

It really sad that Mrs Cindy Tan won't be teaching us Amaths and Emaths next year! And also she is no longer band teacher anymore!!! And i was like WHAT?! 
Nice teacher always leave!! Seriously, why are this happening? 
It okay....... I know god have plan for all of us..

It okay.... End off with this picture :) 
Life will get better if you keep smiling! 
Bye :) 

PS: Congratulation to ReiChi and Calvert together! Damn shocking ya know!!!! Last long!!!! :D 

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