Saturday, November 16, 2013

Clothes again :D

Hi human! I'm back :D Okay, i still left a lot of pictures needed to be edit but some already can be posted :D From title above, i guess you all know what this post going to be about :) So, let's the photos speak itself :D 

Yes! Again! Online shopping with my sister again! But mostly is my sister clothing :P

I super super love this! Even though it not mine!

This sweater sleeve area have kind of like lace detail which is really nice!~

And finally, my maroon romper! This will be my prom "dress" and i'm serious about it!

This is how it look like!
Sorry that the camera quality very lousy ! :P

However, prom that day i will be wearing belt because belt solve everything! The belt will be black and gold in colour. And then maybe accessories? Of course i will be also wearing high heel and makeup! But i decided to put less makeup because i want to look natural and makeup often make me look old and i don't want that! 

So now, high heel is the problem! I have 2 pairs, one which is my sister de....hahahaha! :P 

I didn't know which heel to wear! Argh! 

This is the black one, it is the tallest heel!!! 

I choose this pair of heel to wear but my mum, sister and dad was like meh.....Not nice....LOL 
SO! I need to reconsider! 

While this is the red one with black ribbon, not really that tall but still tall....

This is what my mum, sister and dad approve heel! 
So yeah! That's all for today post! You think which heel i should wear? Hahahaha :D 
Bye :D 

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