Sunday, November 10, 2013

Clothes :D

Hello human :) So, if you know me in person, you will know that i rarely go out because i was lazy! Therefore, online shopping come in handy when buying clothes! Often, sister will ask me to accompany her to browse through the net to see clothes :) So here is my clothes and sister clothes that bought from online and outside such as Bugis street!  :D 

All of this below is my clothes :) 

Paddle pop is trending now isn't it? :D 

You rarely see me in dress okay!!! However, this is not dress! This is romper which mean there are short inside and design it like dress on the outside! :P 
Suitable for the tomboy me! 

I saw Yingying instagram and saw her wearing this!!! It is so nice that why i ask her where she bought it :P 
Thanks Yingying :D 

Black dress! Yeah this is dress and not romper!

Here is me wearing it! I guess when will i be wearing this again......

So that's all! My clothes are done for now! :P

All of this below is my sister clothes! :)

Saw this from bongqiuiqu instagram :)

Skort :)

Romper :) I actually took the pink colour ribbon to tie my hair since my sister don't want it :P


Paddle pop T-shirt

I love this paddle pop dress as it is from short (infront) to long (behind)!

Floral short :)


I can't remember this is romper or dress.... 

Yeah that's all for now! :D I guess there will be more coming up as some of it is on my phone :) 
Bye :D 

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