Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fell in love with Bulldog :)

Hi people, i'm back again! As i said, i have been editing pictures! I'm glad to announce that i almost edit finish! Still left 78 more pictures! It okay! I will jiayou one :P Anyway, have you guys watch queen in hyun's man? *stare* If you haven, please watch! HAHAHAHA!!! :P Anyway, since i almost finish editing pictures, so i tell myself at least i should blog a little! So, i have problem categorise foods and clothes because there are still pictures haven edit yet. Therefore, i decided to blog about my father third sister which is also my third aunt bulldog! :D 

I used to think that bulldog have no fur at all and their skin is wrinkle! Gosh! Now i think back i feel like laughing because bulldog does have fur and is really fluffy! Okay, bulldog is not like other dog with lots of fur but they definitely have fur. If you get what i mean. I first meet him (the bulldog) in the lift! I didn't even know is him because i'm shock that got one dog suddenly so excited and run inside! HE IS SO HYPER AND EXCITED AND HE JUMP ON MY DAD! But my dad love animals and not afraid of any animals, my dad pat his head and then i realise is third aunt bulldog! Gosh, how can i be so cock eyes when my aunt and him so big! *facepalm* Anyway, he is so adorable!!!!!!! He is so friendly, doesn't bite and doesn't bark! He damn obedient! It was extremely cute when i ask him, "do you wanna eat?" You know what happen?! He actually nod his head! And yes, obviously is third aunt teach him! Hahahaha!!! Freaking cute! :P The way he nod is really adorable! He is like, the most friendliest dog I ever met! All in all, i really love him! Super super love him! And i can't wait to meet him again :P 

Excuse my damn short bang! As i also get a hair cut that day! 

It is really hard to get a nice picture with him.......But it okay! :) 
Oh! by the way, he is really really heavy :P
And his name is called 仔男 :) 

Brother actually very jealous of me because the dog always come to my side instead of him. 
But well, the dog is a guy so.......yah. If you get what i mean! Hahahahaha! :P
And yes, he is being tied to the door because firstly we are scared of him. But after that, we get used to it,so he is free to run around after that, NO ANIMAL ABUSE here okay! 
Anyway, he is so innocent looking and his paw is freaking warm!!!! I love love him! Really can't wait to see him again! Heehee! :D 

Yup! That's all! I really change my views of bulldog and 
how i wish i have a cute pet dog! Hahahaha! :P 
So yup! Bye :D 

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