Monday, November 11, 2013

Foods :D / random photos :)

Hi human! :D So remember a while back i did mention about me losing appetite and constantly feel like vomiting? Well.....If you don't remember then forget it. But, if you remember, thank you for concerning about me! I'm fine now, still alive and kicking :) and him break. So, there are no "us" now. Hope people understand and stop mentioning about him like we are still together....Yeah, thanks! 

Anyway, the losing appetite and constantly feel like vomiting have stop! I'm happy! And i think it stop because i stop consuming some vitamin sweet! So, yeah! Some vitamin thingy should not anyhow consume because you may not know that you are actually overdose it! Yeah, lesson learnt! :D I'm bless that i'm studying FNN that's why i know all this.  

Anyway, here is the pictures of all the foods that i eat! :D Okay luh, not exactly i eat because at that point i still have no appetite but well....Since i recover now, posting all this pictures make me hungry and regret for not eating it! Argh! Lesson learnt again!

Dian xin :D This is the nicest i ever eat! 

Xiao long bao :D 

This muffins is delicious!

I love double chocolate subway cookies :D 

Twelve cupcakes :D I love love love! Especially the red velvet because i love cream cheese frosting :D 
So happy that now Serangoon Nex have twelve cupcakes :D 

Durian dessert! It is so delicious!!!!! It have that strong durian taste! 
But, if you do not like durian, you may not like this! 

Can't believe my house downstairs fish & chip is so yummy!

Veri nice nasi lemak :D Good!

Lao ban!

Fish & chip again :P

The famous roti prata! I will give it 5 stars! :D

Home cooked :D 

Honey lemon :D My favourite :P

Chocolate cake! My mum actually choose a fresh chocolate cake but the auntie change it without mum notice! Such a dishonest act! tsktsk ! 
If you wondering why my mum know if it fresh a not, it is because she is once a baker :) And my dad is a baker :) 

Another night eating with family! I now feel damn bless that we can eat together! :) I used to hate going down to eat with them due to laziness but now, i don't really mind going down :) 

Subway cookies again! 


Excuse my powerpuff girls shirt! But hey, i love powerpuff girls okay! :D 
I post this because i think that angle very nice IN MY OPINION! 

With brother :)

I kind of miss my long hair..... 

Being silly with brother!

Please take a minute to look at this......What if the word "D" drop? Or maybe, what if the word "U" drop? 

My mum :)

I love this shirt as it is domo.
I love this shoes too, even though it is those China grandmother will wear one but it is really super comfortable! 

I Love love love red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting :D 

This is the oreo cupcake :D 

Chocolate cupcake :)

My dad eating the coffee cupcake :P 
Anyway, check out my dad nose bridge :) I love love love his nose! 

And check out my nose bridge, barely visible.....le sigh.....

So, before exam, we have secondary 4 leaving party i think. And, teacher actually prepare presents for us :D Teacher also very sweet, they actually also do a slide show just for our class :) 

Ting Feng become a joke because his head being cut off and look like roof top! Hahahaha :P 

Night sky is so pretty without any editing :)

Yes, my hair is that long that my fringe can be tied.....LOL but now i went back to bang!  

This is taken when we studying :) Brother just keep laughing when doing his maths homework! The side effect of studying too much ! But well........he didn't really study that much! 

Maybe because i'm the middle child, i close to both my sister and brother :) 

Please take a minute and appreciate my once in a life time double eyelid :) 

 Casual wear :) 

I love my chin in this picture! LOL! Oh! And my hair :) 

This is my hair before! 
And yes my hair is naturally brown!

And this is after the haircut! However, i start to use hair mask frequently now and yeah, my hair grow damn fast! 

My mum bought earrings for my sister and i damn regret not asking her to help me buy too! 

I love how one side of my cheek look like it have dimple when in actual i don't have!

The beautiful lady :)


Here is my brother in daiso :P

Casual wear

This is when i'm bored when studying FNN exam :) 
Come on, people have to agree that girls will camwhore when they are bored. Okay, same go to some guys out there okay!  

This is what i wear when i go find job LOL! It so rare for me to wear long pant please!

Anyway, that's all! Woah, this is going to be a long post and if you survive until here.....I LOVE YOU FOR READING MY CRAPS :D MUACK! :*

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