Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fourth day and Fifth day of work :)

Fourth day and fifth day of work went on smoothly as well! Manager doesn't seem to be as scary as what all the co-workers talking about. She is really a bit strict. On the fourth day, she actually question me about the price of some clothes! Luckily, i know how to reply because i memorise some of it! And, she also ask me to maintain the clothes on fourth day and fifth day too! Luckily i maintain it!!!! You know it a bit hard to maintain when customers always make messy the clothes!!! Gosh!!!! Especially after my break time!! You should see my speed of folding clothes nowaday, major fast! So yah, that's the end of my work :) Next Monday actually need go back to far away place to take salary and also ask where we will be working! Hopefully i can get the place that near my house!! *cross finger* Also, on my last day, i actually bought a cookie monster clothes on the kid section....LOL! Hahahaha :D And i have staff discount! Great! Next time i can buy all i want since have discount :P Okay! That's all for the working experience! I guess there are more to come since i will be continue working i think! Hmmm.....Oh yah! My mum bought me a standing mixer as my birthday present! Gosh! Can't wait to use the standing mixer and make macaroon! I have to make until success when i'm free of course :P BYE !

PS: Will post pictures of work soon!  
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