Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Interview & 19.11.13 First day of work :)

Hi hi people! I'm really tired right now so lets go straight to the point! Lets talk about my interview first! :) If you read my post, you will know that i wear quite simple to find jobs! But!!!!!!!! When it the day for interview, i know i have to wear slightly formal! So this is how i wear! (Not really fancy though)

Yeah, i just wear black pants and white singlet with grey jacket/blazer

So, to be honest. You guy know i have no sense of direction therefore i meet Lingli so that we can go together! And, end up we are too early!!! WAY TO EARLY!!!!!! We are so scared that we can't find our way to the office that's why early meet up but it wayyyyyyy toooooo earllllyyyyy! So, we actually sneak in to a canteen that is specially for those who work there! Yeah i know, we are brave! 

 So here is the view of the canteen! 

Me and Lingli order fruit juice! And amazingly it taste quite nice!
Mine is mango and Lingli is strawberry i think! 

Before we order fruit juice, Gillian is already there! So we all waited for the timing and slowly walk to the office. And yeah, we need to fill in our personal information and then start the interview! Gillian is the first to go in, followed by Lingli and then me! Well....When i go in, i was actually very anxious and scared! I'm not as brave as you all think okay! Then, he tell me to introduce myself....And i was like....I don't even know what to introduce LOL! Then after saying my name, my school, my age.......I actually told him i have nothing to say! -.- ( Now think of it i felt very stupid, if you ever go for interview please don't say that). Then he ask me some questions and i reply.... It is really funny that some questions doesn't make any sense like.....He actually ask me N-level which subject is difficult....And in my mind i was like WHAT?! But yeah of course i reply him decent answer.....Then some questions make sense like.... are you sociable? And in my mind again i was like duh?! LOL okay.....Of course i also give a decent answer like yes. And he was like i can see that. Seriously....I think he is funny! 

So, after the interview i receive this! 

Yup! I work in Bossini and this is my name tag and card! 

Well....I won't tell you where i work obviously! 
So yeah! That's all for the interview! 

Now, lets start the topic of my first day of work!

Well.... I can say i quite like my job for now and the people who work there are really friendly and i really hope i can work with the same people until Sunday! *cross finger* Obviously i make new friends there! They are really really friendly and the guy who work there seriously handsome! *.* Okay but that's not the point! I, have to stand for 6 hours, no break. And.....Obviously there are nasty customers! Like quite a lot.... You really gain experience with different customers like some are friendly, some will joke around, some very motherly, some ignore you, some roll eyes at you etc. I really enjoy serving quite a number of customers like give them opinion on which shirt they should choose, motherly kind and help them hold clothes and take to counter! I also enjoy folding clothes. Especially when people went to fitting room and they put the clothes into the basket....Yeah.... I actually enjoy putting it back.....I know i'm weird ._. Anyway, this is my first experience of work on the first day! I hope my second day will be better and go on smoothly too! *pray* *cross finger* 

So yeah, i'm really tired and i bet i going to go sleep now! Bye :) 
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