Friday, November 29, 2013

Monkey Cake :D - Lynntasy !

Hi hi!!!! Today is not Fanntasy but Lynntasy!!!! Lynn is my sister if you do not know....LOL! So, sister boyfriend birthday coming up that time (Since this suppose to be pretty long ago post), she decided to bake cake for him instead of buying cake! I swear this is the first time i saw my sister so dedicated to something, do until so serious and for the first time she stay in the kitchen for so long! In case you are wondering, we often bake until really late! Like until midnight! Yeah, no joke! Not because we not professional okay! Is we start baking late at night whereby no people come in and disturb!

So, lets start!

So this is the monkey face! I mean......It is the base!

While waiting for the cake to cool a bit, sister went ahead and do the design of monkey face! 

In order to design and make the shape of monkey face. We bought fondant!
The fondant we bought is white in colour, therefore we need to put brown colouring so it will have brown colour that matches monkey skin tone! 

I have to say shaping and molding the fondant is a bit hard. I mean i didn't do the molding but my sister did as you can see on the pictures above! 
In order to get the colour right is not easy and molding to the shape is not easy too because the fondant is really sticky and we have to constantly use icing sugar to control, parchment paper to control and rolling pin. When we put the colour and combine with fondant, the colour constantly fading so we have to keep adding and get the right colour!
A lot of hardwork gone here okay!

 Isn't this pretty?! :D The shape is finally out! 

Tadaaa!!!!!!! :D It is so pretty!!! :D Sister hardwork pay off! :D 
So actually, we have remaining cake batter....Therefore, i make cupcakes! :P

Yeah i know! Some look like volcanoes! :P Or........something else which i don't want to say you dirty idiot mind! Or maybe i dirty idiot mind...LOL!

So yeah, decorate with pink icing which is strawberry flavour............But we only left that icing so we have to use it even though i dislike strawberry........

But i have to admit they look pretty with the pink icing because i love pink and the little red heart :D
And the picture above, the pink icing kind of look neon pink because of the flash! LOVE IT!

I guess this conclude all the baking Fanntasy/Lynntasy :D
Yup! The pictures above is the overall look! :D 
My sister is really talented in all ways and did i mention before she is my role model? :D 
Sorry that i don't have the picture of us celebrating sister boyfriend picture but i do have this picture!

Candle in the monkey nostril..... 

We make this cake earlier so....after 2 days i think, we then celebrate birthday so the fondant kind of melt!
But it still look pretty though and i know sister boyfriend appreciate it! :D 
Yup! :D That's all :D 
Bye :D 

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