Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mum birthday celebration :)

Hi earthlings :D I'm back! So i have finally finish editing all pictures 2 days ago! But, there are still more pictures coming up and need to be edit because as days goes by, pictures just keep increasing! So, i hope i'm not lazy and speed up the process of blogging so that i can update the recent activities! :) Anyway, today is going to be a super late post as my mum birthday actually is September.......Yeah....I'm sorry :[ But, i will still share and blog anyway :)

As usual, chocolate cake! :P
Chocolate cake is the only cake that all my family eat! 
We can't buy durian flavour because brother don't like it. 

I love how happy they are :D 
I'm bless to have them in my life :) 
They are super awesome :D

So yeah, this is the process! My mum is seriously such a cutie pie! 
Everytime we sing happy birthday song for her, she always pretend to be a conductor! Hahahaha!!! :D 

So yeah, that's all :D I know this is a super short post mainly because we didn't hold a party to celebrate birthday so there are nothing exciting or interesting happen. We always  celebrate birthday simply :) 

Simply = Straightforward :) 

I hope my mum is healthy and safe whether is in the house or out of the house forever :) 

Yup, that's all! :D Bye :) 
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