Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oreo Cheese Cupcakes :D - Black and White

People are filled with emotion.....Happy, sad, angry, disappointed, scared, surprise, disgust, envy, shame, embarrass, depress, confuse etc. Life is like a roller coaster, up and down. There will be no rainbow if there are no rain. During our darkest time, there will still be rainbow awaiting for us :) Don't give up hope! Keep moving on and stay strong!

Okay, i don't know what's wrong for me to say all the things above! Hahahaha! :D Maybe because today i want to share my baking FANNtasy!!!! (TOTALLY NO LINK) And it is black and white in colour! I will blog about rainbow cupcake soon too! Since is rainbow, of course is colourful ;) (DUH!)

Let's start :)

Firstly, buy ingredients with my sister :)

That's also include our dinner!
Bread + Ham + Cheese + Butter = Life is awesome, Fann favourite, Fuck healthy meal :D

So, combining all the ingredients together :D 

This actually not baking because we does not need to use oven. 
Refrigerator/Freezer will do the job for us :D 

The next day, we decorate it :D Heart for all :D 

Oreo + heart = Life is awesome! You are loved!

This is the interior :D 
Gosh!!! Who is Oreo and Cheesecake lover?!

That's the end of the Oreo Cheesecupcakes post :D 
I actually did an improve version for Li Wen and Deon when i meet them! And i will update our outing soon!

Stay tune for the rainbow cupcakes one :D 
Bye :D 

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