Saturday, November 2, 2013

Queen in Hyun's Man

I swear they are so cute together! 

This scene make me cry the most

Hi people! I'm sorry for the lack of update when i promise i will shower my blog a lot of love! SORRY! Been editing pictures and i still left a lot.....zzzz......... Anyway, from the title above you will know what i wanna say about. YES!!!!! THE DRAMA! QUEEN IN HYUN'S MAN! I typically have the drama illness right now! I chiong finish that show within 2 days! It so awesome guy!!!! Everyone should watch it! Plus it a happy ending and they are real life couple!!!!!! The guy is so cute!!!! Seriously, and the girls is so pretty!!!!! THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER! Plus, there are scene that make me cry which seriously affected my emotion and moods for like......3 days already and still counting i guess....It was so sad when he suddenly disappear infront of her and cannot go back to that world.....Okay, i should not elaborate because i know some of you haven watch it yet! SO BETTER WATCH!!! I GUARANTEE IT NICE LUH!!!!! I now keep asking my mum to watch! Hahahahaa!!! And i freaking love their OST too!!!! So nice the songs! But at the same time so sad too! Gosh! It sometime make me hesitate if i wanna listen because i scared i will think about the moment and then cry! LOL ! This is how serious my drama illness is! But i guess i'm recovering in the process right now as i can listen to that song perfectly fine :P Now my MP3 have that drama song le! heehee :)  GO WATCH IT! YOU WON'T REGRET! AND THANK ME LATER FOR RECOMMENDING YOU ALL HAHAHAHA!!!! :D 


After watching you will feel it ;) 

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