Monday, November 18, 2013

Random blog post :)

This is one of the photo i accidentally take and it look nice wor! Look kind of sexy to me LOL! 
I'm just kidding about the sexy part! Anyway, please take a moment and appreciate my jawline here. I think it look nice in my opinion :P 
Hi guy! Anyway, this is a random blog post since i feel like blogging! Yesterday went out with Li wen and Deon!!! Tired but worth it! I will not go on further as i will make another blog post about this outing but not so soon! :P So, boss actually call Gillian and then she told me we do not need to work on Monday which is today......LOL Since now is already 12:25am...... Yah, i'm happy that i do not need to work because my concern is that it will be very rush! Heng ah! God heard my prayer! Thank god!! :D So, later i will have the entire time to makeup and dress up and blah blah blah! Yesterday trying to find accessories that match my prom "dress" and i realise i have quite a lot of accessories that i think i can make a blog post of that :D Yay! Now i feel kind of sleepy because i did not manage to sleep on Saturday because after i done doing my Oreo Cheesecupcake which is to let Deon and Li wen try! Then clean up, bathe, wait for hair to dry and sleep! But!!!!! I did not manage to sleep and wide awake.....I just can't sleep luh!!! Then until 6am + I decided to wake up and eat bread (Early breakfast uh). Then went back to sleep. After that 9:30am wake up to decorate Oreo Cheesecupcake and then went back to sleep but again, i can't fall back to sleep... -.- Please go count i sleep for how many hour....Less than 3 hours.... Seriously and i survive until now! I'm seriously a god! Currently waiting for my hair to dry! Going to put facial mask soon and relax! :D Not really looking forward or excited about the prom leh..... I don't have the feel....But it okay! I pray that it will all go well :) Just now, i also practice for my eyes makeup....Hopefully later my overall makeup will look nice :). Okay, that's all! Bye human and goodnight :) Sweet dream :D 
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