Thursday, November 21, 2013

Second day of work! :D

Hi people! Currently blogging through some people iPad so it kind of new to me! Since I lazy to on com! Anyway, second day of work go on smoothly which is what I pray for and I hope later which is Thursday can go on smoothly as well! Make another 3 new friend!!! I'm so happy! And also finally ask the handsome guy name! Today finally have 45 minutes break!! Eaten 2 subway double chocolate cookies! After that is quite slack because don't have a lot of customers! So I help to fold clothes and hang clothes which is my favorite things to do! Hahahaha! :D and also I learn new skills too! After that do some legs exercise and my manager say don't do that! Hahahaha! My manager quite good so far.... She also say it in a good/funny way! :D anyway, we even have early dismiss!!!! So good! So I bought twelve cupcake for family and myself! Some more having offer so of course must buy! Then, we went to find Lingli at her workplace and give her moral support and also to see how the manager look like.....quite unfriendly to me....exactly like what Lingli said! Then home sweet home! I eat my dinner which is the cupcake.....then record down how many hour and minutes I work, after that record how much I earn so when boss give me money, I can check! So yeah, I bathe and now blogging! Even I work, I not really that tired.... Quite enjoyable for now.....hope later which is Thursday will be a good day for me with no nasty customers and scolding! That's all! Bye :) 

PS: sometime I really have difficulty understanding what the person is saying mainly because my English not that good or the person accent is super strong or their pronunciation not clear. But still sometime I figure it out! Thank god!  
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