Saturday, November 23, 2013

Third day of work

So yesterday is my third day of work :) I can only say all went on well and also make new friends :D Yesterday also the first time late going home because instead of being release at 10 pm, we release at 10:45 pm or so because there are too much clothes in the fitting room plus manager coming tomorrow (which is today). Everyone so scared of manager, heard from co workers that she is very fierce and strict!!!!! I hope today she only come morning shift OR come a while only to check! Seriously, i don't want my work fantasy of mine to spoil so soon!!! Anyway, supervisor ask me to wear makeup because it is part of the rule....But you know, i'm lazy.....So.....I didn't put today.... I only put tinted lipbalm. I mean like i have my own reason because firstly, by the time i reach home, it will be so late and i lazy to remove makeup and secondly, my skin is really from bad to worse and i don't want any chemical to touch my face to cause me break out! I hope tinted lipbalm do the job though.... So yah! I now have to go work soon! Bye :D 

PS: Seriously, i hope manager just come and check for a while and leave!! Please please please! 
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