Friday, November 22, 2013


So today actually is Thursday and i suppose to have work! But the manager call Gillian and say we suppose to work at 10am to 4pm but since it already late when she call us and we also can't rush there plus we didn't know so she ask us today no need come as they have enough people too. I was a bit confuse because i quite sure we are working at 4pm to 10pm.... But anyway, it okay for me to take a rest since i having headache too. So hopefully Friday work will all go well! I'm just kind of sad about earning less...Haiz....I kept thinking if i wanna continue work mah because i felt that they not really organise? Also, their timing not flexible. Haiz....My plan is to quit and go do volunteer work because i want to do something meaningful and also help people..... But i will see about that first luh :) So now, i was like editing pictures and listening songs :) watching youtube videos too :) I kind of slack the whole day, reading Nick Vujicic books :) I realise a lot of youtuber actually keep a diary and listed 3 things they are bless of every single day..... I feel that this is really a good idea....Maybe i should do that too. 

-I'm bless that i have my family here :) 
-I'm bless that i have best friend! Li wen, Jiayou for tomorrow work!!! :D 
-I'm bless that everyone is healthy and safe (including me) :D 

So yeah, that's all for now :D Bye ;) 
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