Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another apparel, Another supper

Hi humans! :D So i'm back again with another new post :) Anyway, yesterday start to bake again! :P But apparently, my dad do it all! The only job that i did is to prepare ingredients! LOL! I think you guy know what my dad bake if you follow me on twitter as i tweet about it plus with pictures!! But, i know those who follow me also doesn't know because they simply don't care about my existence.....IT OKAY! At least i enjoy what i'm doing! :) I will blog about what my dad bake soon :)

Oh! If you are Nuffnang member, like me! Please try to donate money to the Philippines!!! :D (READ MORE HERE) This is for good cost! Every single cent we donate will help them!!! Please be quick if you want to donate as today is the last day! 

Anyway lets get started with today post :)

I'm amaze how clothes can be squeeze into this tiny envelop :P 

Sister Chanel clothes :)

I love how they fold! Only show domo face :P

My long sleeve domo shirt :)

Oh and this is the free gift!! :D 

At first, i thought the shop owner mail it wrong because we didn't order this T-shirt. And then i tell my sister and ask her about it. We actually want to return this shirt until my mum realise that the plastic bag wrote free gift! LOL! /Fann cock eyes./
After that, my brother, the hungry ghost that always hungry at midnight. 
Always loitering in my room so that i can't fall asleep. 
He beg me to go out and eat supper because only i agree to go out, my mum then will allow him to go out too. 
So yeah, being a kind soul -ahem- i agree to go out. 

Trying out new parting :) Turn out not bad. I think i suit both parting on the left and right :) 

Brother and my eggs! We both also eat nasi lemak :) 
I freaking love liquidy egg yolk! It is heaven! 

So yeah! That's all for today post :) Bye :D 

PS: Thank Nadhira for the blog post that comfort me :) Thank you :) Please check out her blog :) (HERE)
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