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Fanntasy Prom :D

Hi humans! :D Finally i finish editing the pictures and now ready to post! Anyway, some pictures credit to all their owners!!! By the way my phone dead on me that night and Lingli have to help me take pictures of the foods! Thanks Lingli! Okay! Let's start! But warning, there are a lot of my faces! HAH! Because i rarely put makeup and since i put makeup i must take more pictures right! Okay! That's Fann Logic!

So, that time morning work been cancel off and i thought i have lots of time to prepare but...............

 I sleep until real late and as usual, rush through all the way! So i bathe, put on my "dress", eat and makeup! After that rush and go Lingli house :D Because i have no sense of direction so Lingli sister actually need to go to the bus stop and fetch me! Thank Lingli sister !!! :D Anyway, when i reach, Gillian is helping Lingli putting makeup and yeah! Gillian, Ziyun and Lingli is so beautiful!!! :D And also Lingli dad fetch us to go the Sheraton Tower :D Thanks Lingli daddy!!!! :D

So yeah! If you ever wonder what heel i choose! I choose the red one with black ribbon!
This is my outfit of that night okay!
I know i look awkward because i can rarely pose when people take picture of me!
Born not to be a model :( 
And instead of trying too hard to look cool and chio and pose awkwardly.....I prefer to just naturally awkward okay!

And i will stare at you awkwardly with my head tilted right :) 

In Lingli dad car :D Hahahaha!!! My selfie! 
My makeup actually went a lot lighter if you ever compare my last time makeup! Which maybe i will show you someday! Yeah! 
LOL!!! And the picture show that my right eyes eyeliner didn't draw until bottom but I DID DRAW OKAY! IS THE LIGHTING OKAY!
You see other pictures you will know ;)
So the ride is really enjoyable one because we keep chatting and laughing talking about jobs and stuff like that! It really fun! 

After that reach Sheraton Tower and getting out of the car seem like those drama show where you are like a rich and confident girl. 

And then, people will open door for you and welcome you in and holy cow..........It look class......
Okay i know i shouldn't be shock but this is my first time there okay!
See how poor i am.
We actually reach quite early and quite a number of people also reach already! 
And we visited the toilet :)

When there's a mirror, that what girls do.
Or probably just me.

Lingli, Me and Gillian :D 

Me and Gillian :D 

Lingli and Me :D

So while waiting for the prom to start and also waiting for Lena and ReiChi. I start to camwhore! Hahahaha!!

Then Farihin actually give us some snack to eat!

Gosh and it taste nice :D
While waiting and eating. Typical Fann start again :)

Slowly i look grumpy because they didn't start on time. Plus we need to go up the stair and line up and take our lucky draw number and table number.
It is super crowded and even though we get the number table too, we still anyhow sit. 
You know while waiting at the lobby i actually look up and I was shock that i up skirt so many girls.
Seriously girls, please wear safety pants if you want to wear super short skirt -.- 

Genevieve, Lena, Rei Chi, Me, Gillian, Ziyun and Lingli
This is taken while waiting to go in. :)

Just in case you are curious about my lucky draw number :) 234! Sound nice right! But i didn't win any shit.
Anyway, to be honest i hate the host. He is super naggy and guai lan. 
Just meh! 

It look so pretty because the light give it a rainbow colour!

Freaking love that spoon!!! I should have steal it home but nah. We are fine lady and we don't do this. 

The gift :) 

This is the ceiling!

And there are video for us to watch while eating! 
If you are wondering if we sitting with guys, the answer is yes.
Our table are all guys and only 4 girls which is Ziyun, Gillian, Lingli and Me.
I thought the girls will sit with us but it seem like we don't socialise girls well. 

But sitting with guys is fun though! At least i know they more fun than girls.
Then we also play games while eating because THE HOST want us to play games.
Woah, meal doesn't come easy even though we paid so much....
The most funny games is the tie string to objects like roses, red heels, glasses etc. 
And i guess the guy was shock that i'm so on when passing my red heel for them to tie on...Hahahaha!! 
But end up we didn't win even though we have all the objects being tied on because after that the whole group that have the full objects need to run to the stage and please, we are so freaking far away from the stage. WE WAS LIKE AT THE OTHER END.
Anyway, after that the game we didn't play anymore because foods is more important. 

While waiting for the foods....It is camwhore time!

Ziyun, Gillian, Lingli and Me :)

Ziyun, Gillian and Me :)

Gillian, Me and Lingli :)

Gillian and Me :)
Back to the foods!
But the foods....One word to describe.....Disappointing. 
Paid so much but most of the foods taste horrible.
And i also can see that some waiter/waitress is new.
Because they keep serving me wrong drink!
 My sprite become mineral water sometime, when they refill!
Plus the way they serve when using spoon and fork is wrong! 
Disappointing ah!

First dish : Rainbow Salad.
This doesn't taste really nice except some. Maybe because the lemon dressing is too strong....

Second dish: Sze Chuan hot and sour soup.
Oh my god when i see this i feel yucky because i remember i eat this during last year Hong Kong like consecutive 3 days....
But when i eat it, i actually prefer Hong Kong one mainly because they already put vinegar inside and i guess the waitress is new because when she serve, she didn't stir first and end up i get the bowl that have the most vinegar and it taste nasty. So yeah...

Third dish: Deep-fried prawns with cereal
This is delicious! :D

Fourth dish: Steamed "Live" sea bass with light soya sauce
This is not bad :)

Fifth dish: Li Bai's herbal emperor chicken
This is not that good but still can eat luh....

Sixth dish: Stewed seasonal vegetables with conpoy
I didn't try it. Our table almost all, including the guy did not touch it! Hahahaha!! :P 
But i heard some people say it taste bitter.

Seventh dish: Stewed ee-fu noodle with mushrooms and yellow chives
This is not bad but a bit drying...

Eighth dish: Sweetened sago cream with mango
This is the best dessert ever!!! Almost everyone drink finish!

Please check out Ziyun blog (HERE) because she take a picture of the menu that's why i know the order! 

So in between foods, there also lucky draw gift and prom king and queen....So yeah, nothing really interesting.
I just feel that the voting of prom queen and king is a bit unfair.
After that, we camwhore again! We didn't go photo booth to take picture though because it is really crowded.
But i guess the phone camwhore also not that bad!

Lena and Me :)

Simon and Me :)

Gillian, Ziyun, Mr Rashidin, Lingli and Me :)
Kind of shock that he want to take picture with us though! Hahahaha!!! He is our discipline master and he damn funny one!!

With Miss Wong :D 
We went to find Mrs Cindy Tan because we want to take pictures with her but....Well....We can't find her :( 
So when it all ended, we take taxi go home. 

Actually Lingli family want to drive us home but seriously, we already keep trouble them already...therefore we reject and take taxi.
The taxi driver is seriously cute!!
 I ask him to scroll down the window and he still prepare plastic bag for me just in case i vomited hahahaha!!! :P
I seriously love the wind that brushes against my skin...It just so shiok and cooling! :D 

Oh yah! And band took a picture without me!!!! Seriously!! How can they forget about me! But it okay, now i know where i stand. 
It just so disappointing.
Anyway home sweet home!!! :D
Legs have fucking blister!!! 
But overall i did enjoy myself there :) 
And i thought i'm the only one picky about foods or maybe my taste bud doesn't used to the foods since is high class....BUT! when i go see twitter that night, everyone was like complaining about the foods so yeah! Not only me!

PS: I still have more of my pictures sia and i didn't post!!!! I will post it another time then with other post! Hahahaha!!! :D And sorry if this took long to post because i really hate how blogger make my photos quality low therefore i use screen shot for the pictures and it took damn long and damn troublesome!

Anyway that's all! Bye :D 

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