Thursday, December 5, 2013

Improve version of Oreo Cheese Cupcakes / Outing with Li Wen and Deon :D

Hi humans :D If you follow me on Instagram, you will know i posted Oreo Cheese Cupcakes a while back....WHICH I THINK YOU SHOULD FOLLOW ME HOR! *fierce stare* Anyway, Li Wen and Deon commented and say they want to try so.....I decided to "bake" for them :D After hearing some feedback from my dad about my previous Oreo Cheese Cupcakes, I decided to do an improve version one of course! :D And it turn out they both say nice and delicious!!!! :D I was so freaking happy!!! Okay, i'm a really easy contented girl. :D 

This is the batter! I actually failed once when i do this because i over whisk the whip cream and it become butter.....Yeah and i hand whisk some more since that time still don't have standing mixer..... I know i am strong okay! ;) 

If you notice, my previous batter have Oreo inside but this time round don't have because i didn't put in Oreo as my dad feedback say it look dirty?! I don't know i just remember he say don't put LOL! 

Here it is :D 

But when i bring to AMK Hub, the Oreo Cheese Cupcakes actually melted a little and also i ruin the design by walking damn fast because as usual, i late again when meeting them. 

If i never ruin the design it look like this hor!!!! 
But whatever!!! Most importantly is the taste :D 
And they say nice! 

This is the interior! It really does look nicer hahahaha!! :D 

This is what i wear! Too lazy to wear lens so glasses will do!

Okay lame.
But seriously, i hate how the MRT have no pole now! 
I miss hugging the pole.....

Li Wen, Deon and ME :D 

Of course must take group pictures! Credit gone to Li Wen :D 

With Li Wen :D 

Accompany Li Wen go eat and as usual....Stealing people foods......:P
But seriously the noodle and the dumpling is really nice!
But the price is really nice too so that's why i didn't order.

So, we watch movie together which is 3 peas in a pod. Holy cow....The twist and turn story really make me shock :O. I was like WHAT?! :OOOOOO
Guys! You all have to watch it! It really quite nice! And the ending confirm shock you all de! 
I won't say the story here because i don't want to spoil it! But i rated it 4/5 :D 
I was like blogging now and i think back the movie it still shock me! LOL!
And...this is my first NC16 movie!
Go in, security guard have to check our IC.....
How come they become so strict?! It just a movie!!! Take a chill pills! 
Anyway, return home after the movie as we are all tired due to body clock screw during the holiday! 
But, when i got back home.....I watch youtube video and search for makeup that perfect for prom because the next day after this outing is my prom! 
And oh my god!! I finally found one youtuber which have the same eyelid as me!
Thank god that i found her video!
Her youtube name is Sunnydahye.
Please go check her out!
So yeah, after watching her video i decided to try the eye makeup on! 

Here it is! This is me without lens but with eyes makeup on!
I didn't do whole face makeup. I only do eyes makeup!

This is me with the eyes makeup on and glasses!

I was really quite blind without my glasses! And it turn out this eyes makeup suit with glasses too! HAH! :D 
I talk about prom on this post so i think you all should be able to guess what my next post is....
Until then, Bye :D 

PS: My dad and my sister try Oreo Cheese Cupcakes and they say nice too :D 
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