Friday, December 20, 2013

N-level Result :)

Hi humans! I'm back! Well, finally know about my route to where i will be going. Before receiving my result, i already give myself 2 choice. 

1) If good result, go to PFP.
2) If not good, go secondary 5 and aim JC.

Receiving my result and i was really sad and disappointed with myself. I cannot go PFP because of my English lacking one grade to B3.... Haiz..... But it okay! At least i did study and try my best anyway. I guess god already make plan for me. So now, i have to go secondary 5 and also focus on my studies a lot. I really really have to work triple hard when going to secondary 5. I know secondary 4 life is way more different than secondary 5 life. But, since i can hang on for 4 years....I think i can hang on another 1 year....right? I know to some people, they might scold me because to them, my result consider good. But, different people different expectation. I expect more from me that is why when i didn't achieve my goal, it is consider bad/not good. I guess i just have to learn to lower my expectation a bit more and also be satisfied with what i have. Look at the better side.....At least i have a few subjects that is As. At least my hard work pay off to some subjects like combine humanity and Amaths! So smile!!!!!!!!!!! :D Everything is not as bad as i thought so think positive!!!!!!!!!!! Thinking too much/negative only create unnecessary worry! 

At the same time, i also know that me going to JC percentage is like nagative....But i will try okay! If really cannot, i still have poly! Now, i only pray hard, hoping my O-level Emaths to pass! 

Anyway, that's all i want to say. Thank you for people asking my result whether is out of concern or nosy. But still thank. Thank to those still trying to comfort me. Thank to those who don't care. Thank you everyone. 

To all the friends that going to secondary 5 next year, SEE YAH! :) WE ARE FIGHTING THIS BATTLE TOGETHER! :D

PS: Yes, i know i wearing powerpuff girls t-shirt!! It is my favourite childhood show. :) DON'T JUDGE!

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