Monday, December 16, 2013

小資女孩向前衝 (Office Girls)

Hi humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for neglecting this blog quite a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just finish doing workout and decided to blog for a while so that i can cool down and then bathe! From the title above, i guess you all know what i want to talk about! 小資女孩向前衝 is a taiwan show!!!!!! Oh my god!~ It is super awesome! I finish chionging that show within 3 days! This show is quite long ago......It came out 2011 and i was wondering why i watch it/ find out this show on 2013...This show is really nice!!!! I suggest all people that know Chinese language should watch it! I suggest people that know Chinese to watch it is because the way they talk using Chinese language is really funny if you understand what they trying to say! They also include some language like dialect, korea and japanese words! It is super funny i swear! The way they talk/ action is really interesting plus it have a happy ending! :D Aiya, what i'm trying to say is that overall this show is awesome! Super awesome! Okay! That's all for today short post :D Bye !

PS: Sorry for chionging show and neglect my blog for a while :P This show that the show is really nice! Believe me!

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