Sunday, December 29, 2013

Outing with family ❤

Hi humans :D If you guys read my blog all along, you will know that i already take salary! One of my goal is to earn money by myself and then give it to my parents! However, my parents didn't accept the money i give. Instead, they say just treat them / whole family meal! So yeah, i treat them dinner! :D 

But first of all, i miss out one of the picture on my previous post. Which is another nail polishes picture that is from Sasa ! I'm sorry about that!

Here is the picture that i miss out. 

Okay, now i done with all that! Let's get down to business!

My outfit! I know i know! My outfit repeated again! 
But come on! Comfortable count okay! 
So we went to Yio Chu Kang secondary school i think....To take free books! 
And we take quite less....At least less than last year! I think less than 20 books. I mean, why take so many?! I have seen parents take trolley....Or even worse 2 big luggages just to put all the books they take. Seriously, is your child love books that much?! Is your child that clever?! Is your child even need those books?! I bet your child never even read least not even half of the books you take.
And i am serious here..I am not exaggerating. When i say they take a lot...Mean a lot. 
Why do people so selfish?!  
I have seen that half of the parents/ family that take free books have a car. 
Since they can afford a car, why can't they afford books? 
I guess they should just have to change the rule. How can a people have a car and yet they are FAS?! Seriously, are they lying or the person that approve is blind?! 
Plus, some of them, i only see their parents come....WHERE THEIR KIDS?! I mean, those books is for primary school to secondary school and also some story books that suit all age. But, seriously, your kids should come and choose which book they exactly need! Nowaday, parents don't even really know what we are studying, so how can you only lets your parents come and help you take books?! Even they are your parents, doesn't mean they know exactly what you need! Argh seriously -.- Don't know is the kids studying or the parents -.-
Anyway, enough of complaining, let's continue!
So after that, we went to eat breakfast/lunch :) 
While waiting....

Okay, and i seriously don't know why this picture my hair is reddish brown. Don't ask me why! 

Anyway, i love camwhoring with my brother :D 

You know, i have thought for a while. If i ever have kids in the future. I want to have at least 2 kids. 
So that, my kids will have siblings and doesn't feel lonely. I also think that first kid is really important and need to be educate and care more. Because your next kid will follow your first kid whatever action. This is why my big sister is my role model. So first kid is really important. 

Okay....Now i wonder why almost every guy love to take picture from below......
So here is the breakfast/lunch :)

And then we went to shopping :D 

And this is what i bought :D 

Sock!!! Just have to get this 2 pair because it is $2 each i think and plus i love the lace detail on top :D 
I think it will go well with my platform shoes :D 

I run out of cleanser and moisturiser! So i bought this 2 that is being recommend by an auntie! 
If you have been reading my blog all along, you will know that i use the brand simple last time. But now i change to this eversoft brand because i think it work quite well for my skin! 
And i can't wait to use finish my simple toner so i can switch to eversoft toner! :D 
After using this cleanser, i realise my jaw pimple reduce and the moisturiser make my face less oily and dry! 

And i also bought this 2 pair of shoes from Rubi! $10 each! Got it because it have offer :D 
The pink one actually look very neon pink in real life. I don't know why it show up like this on camera! 
After shopping, it is dinner time! :D 
I actually want to treat them Aston but my dad don't want! 
So, the pictures down below is what i treat them! And yeah of course my parents like it!

Yeah! So this is the dinner! After that, home sweet home :D 
And have a good night sleep :) 

That's all for today post :) 
Bye :D 

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