Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Outing with Li Wen~

Hi humans! :D I am back again :D Yes, from the title above, you will know what this post is about! So, Let's begin :D

So, went to meet Li Wen and watch No Breathing together! Thank Li Wen for treating me!!!! I actually make Li Wen angry because i was late and i didn't answer the phone call and SMS. Sorry! 

But seriously, my phone is so lag and hang all the time. I know people call me but i can't call back because my phone hang on the home page. (This happen even more frequently nowaday!) I seriously need to change phone. This phone have been accompany me..... 3 years plus i think! And the button already rusty. 

No Breathing is such a nice show guys!!!!!!!! All the guys is so cute and handsome! :D 
And it make me want to learn swimming too! Hahahaha :D 
Plus this show is funny too! 
After movie, went to eat Mcdonald! This time round i treat :D 

Double chocolate frappe!!

I also eat the brownie!!! I did take a picture but somehow it disappear in my phone album.....:( Kind of sad because the brownie presentation is really nice and look high class but....le sigh.....

So i go google find the picture......So...it briefly look like this.... :( 
I still think mine nicer though... :( 

So yeah.... :( I really should change phone....
But you know....Whether you are sad or happy....LIFE MOVE ON!
So moving on!!!!
Went shopping~~~~
And Li Wen treat me French Macaroon :D 

This is my first time trying french macaroon okay!!! So i feel tempted.......And decided to buy more and let sister try!
Actually me and sister share! Hahahaha! :D 

However, my brother eat the chocolate one when i was sleeping! Argh!!! So i don't know about the taste of the chocolate one! But.......even though it expensive....I think it taste nice :D 
I might go back and buy more if i have the money!

Also have dinner with my family :D I feel blessed :) 

So that's all :D Bye :D 

PS: Finally upload new video, new song cover! HERE
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