Thursday, December 12, 2013

Outing with Lingli and Gillian :)

Hi humans, i'm finally back! :D 10/12/13 going out with Gillian to take salary! I will blog about that soon! Also, 11/12/13 going out with Liwen! I will blog that too! Anyway, this outing is quite long ago! So, we decided to meet because to discuss about when to get salary and stuffs like that! And since we are hanging around places that most of our classmates work place, we decided to visit them! They're really hardworking! I only saw Cheng Yee, Brandon, Kenneth and Peng Xian if i'm not wrong! Hahahaha!! I was quite shock that they allow to be cashier because my job doesn't allow me to be cashier since is quite complicated. Anyway, after visiting them and shopping on their workplace, we visit Nu skin because Gillian need to help her mum to buy something! I was so shock that the products is so expensive and is crazily crowded. I still see people buying a lot which also mean they spend a lot of money! Some spend like million or maybe billion dollar on their products! And when i say they buy a lot, i mean it! What they buy probably can last them 3 years or so...Or maybe when the products expire they also haven use finish....I swear is a lot. Heard from Gillian that their products work and effective so yah.....I can see that since so many people. But!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, it just a waste of money! They should just donate the money or give it to me -.- So moving on~

When boredom strike....

Gillian take the number cards and waited for really long and decided to give up because our movie going to start soon. Plus, she later then re-Q so yah.....

Me and Gillian

Lingli and me

We watch Thor..........AND THIS IS WHY I LIKE THOR SO MUCH NOW!!! OH MY GOD! I WATCH THOR 1 AND 2!!!!!! And speaking of movie, i have so many movie that i want to watch!!!!

After movie, Gillian went to Nu skin. Me and LingLi went to Nex because Lingli left her water bottle on her workplace. After that, we went to Hougang Mall to have dinner. And yes, unhealthy dinner. First time try Ebi burger!!!!! Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAD NICE!!!!! I love it!!!!! People that love prawn should really go try it out! Won't regret! Also bought 3 double chocolate frappe for myself, sister and brother and yeah i have the cards for frappe thingy that can get free frappe if i have all the stamp! :D 

Anyway, home sweet home after that! :D 

Do a bit of reading and sleep! :) 

"An attitude of forgiveness set me free. You see, when you hold on to old hurts, you only give power and control to those who hurt you, but when you forgive them, you cut the ties to them. They can no longer yank on your chain. Don't get hung up on thinking that by forgiving them you are doing them a favor, if nothing else, do it for yourself." - Nick Vujicic 

Oh by the way! This is my so called healthy drink :)

Bye :D

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