Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Youtube channel~ Taking Salary~ Random~

Hi humans :) Finally i create Youtube channel to make song cover :) I actually already upload one song that i sing :P Is a very short cover though! (HERE) Hahahaha! Finally step out from my comfort zone! I know i'm not a good singer but well....I just want to try try hahahaha! Anyway, this post is pretty long ago! Let's waste no time and start cracking yah! 

What i wear that day :)

The lens that i wear :)
So we went to far away place to take salary. The boss didn't pass it to us personally because he is not in. Therefore, the counter lady pass it to us. When me and Gillian take the salary......We are in shock. We didn't expect that amount because we didn't really work for many days.... But that amount to us is a lot (sorry i won't say how much). We are so happy plus the job we did is quite enjoyable :) Therefore, my first experience for work is a good impression one hahahaha! :P 
Even though the job is not bad, we decided not to work anymore so that we can spend some quality time on ourselves. 
But next year holiday....I guess i will go back work! Hahahaha! :P 
Back to story.
 So me and Gillian went shopping for a while and went home :) 
At home, i start to camwhore of course! Hahahaa! :D 

With brother :)

With pooh :) 

This is the nail colour i talk about in one of my post :) Sparkling pink and blue :D 
Nail polish is from Sasa :) 
My sister boyfriend aunt gave a lot of Sasa nail polishes to sister and since my sister didn't use it, she gave it to me :)

Sister got chocolate for free :) 
However, not really nice though....
The strawberry one is horrible...Maybe is because i don't like strawberry....
The creamy milk cocoa is quite nice...
The green tea is damn bitter...

Mum actually bought me clothes and pencil skirt!

Starting to eat yogurt :)

My sister lens :)

So that's all! :D Bye :) 

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