Friday, January 17, 2014

Another awesome family outing :D

Hi humans! :D I finally get back to blogging since i'm kind of free now! School so far so good....But still stress luh! Everyday i'm just so tired and still need to study! AND TEST IS COMING UP! Gosh! Anyway, lets get started with the post that happened last year December!~

My outfit of that day :) 
My sister lend me this clothes because........Actually i'm wearing one of the clothes that i bought but it look too slutty on me and totally not my style so i'm not going to wear that clothes ever again!!! Until i figure out how to wear without showing much of my skin! 
So, thank sister for this clothes on the picture!

Can't decide which filter to use so i should use both and post both :P 

Okay! Time to head out!

Went to Bugis street to shop and also pray :) 
Love love their fish :) 

Dad laksa! 

Brother is so cute at the background! Anyway, here is the drink for you ;) 

You know that this is nice when he do that :P 
He seriously have the potential to host a food show! 
After praying, we went shopping and dad shop for his clothes. 
While he choosing which clothes he want, i get bored....And then....

Mum join in too!

Heehee :P

After that, we went to Bugis street and came across this shop that have clearance sale. 
All shoes is $10! Oh my god! Of course must buy heels!!!!
Thank mum for buying heels for us :) 

I have been eyeing this leopard print platform shoes for the longest time! 

Sister brown wedges :)

And sister black wedges :) 

We also bought quite a lot of things!

Red skirt for myself :) YEAH YOU NEVER SEE WRONG IS A SKIRT LAH! 

Sister sweater! I love the material because it is furry! 

As you guy know my black bowl hat spoiled because i go wash....I know, i know i deserve a big face palm on the face. But anyway, mum got me another one!!!!! $10 only!!! 
It is purplish-pink in real life! I didn't know why camera capture purple only! 

I also bought the floral headband for myself and the 2 hair clip for my sister!!! Oh my god i freaking love floral headband! And Bugis sell the cheapest floral headband ever, seriously! 

And my mum do this and tell me to wear it! Well.....Now have 凤飞飞 feel~ 

Anyway, after shopping, we went to eat Astons :D 

The drinks :P 

Fann food :) 

Weng Yuan food :) 

Brother food :)

Sister food! :) I know it look a bit wrong!

Dad food :)

Mum food :) 
After that home sweet home :D 

So, that's all for today post :D 
Bye :D 

PS: Back using my own french horn!!! Ahhh baby french fries you finally back *muack* 
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