Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back to band :) / Outing with mum and brother :)

Hi humans! :) So, last year December i went back to band. Band change a lot but at the same time also not a lot....If you get what i mean....Hahahaha! So........conductor didn't come the whole day that day. But i know i will see the conductor one day since this year i'm going back. I am just so shock that this time round i will be standing down early.... 14 March i will be standing down with the fellow secondary 4 students..... And i know time flies, this will come so so soon.....Anyway, moving on! 

This is my outfit of that day! Hahahaha!!! I have no clothes and short to wear you know! 

So yeah, i play with them! Currently using Claire French Horn since my Horn Millenn using! 
Anyway, their new piece quite nice however, i don't know how to play!!! Gosh!!!! 
Fann still learning in progress! 
Overall, it is still fun :D 

With my juniors :D 
Didn't manage to snap Siew Yi picture because she in front conducting!

Thank Charmian for the cookies :D 
After that home sweet home :D 
Can't wait to return to band and perform! 

You know this is heaven!!!

Anyway, i tried to eat nutella with cheese! And it turn out not too bad :D I like it :D 
I know i have weird taste! 
Outing with mum and brother :) :

My outfit of that day :P 
Mum, brother and i wearing red! Such a coincidence! 

Tea! Eating dinner with them is a blessing :D 

Mum bought some stuffs :) 


Carrot drink! Oh my god i super hate carrot drink! I think my whole family only i don't like it so..... I don't like also no use. 

"You and I may have absolutely no control over what happens to us, but we can control how we respond. If we choose the right attitude, we can rise above whatever challenges we face....Optimism is empowering -  it gives you control over your emotions. Pessimism weakens your will and allows your moods to control your actions." 

-Nick Vujicic

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