Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baking Fanntasy - French Macaron :D

Hi humans :D Yesterday is the second day of school :) So far so good :) Went to the bookshop to take books and guess what. All books out of stock! Woah!!!! Like that i next week no need study liao! Anyway, let's get started with the post that mention on the title :D Yes! French Macaron! Well, actually my dad and mum do it all. I only prepare ingredients :P Oh! By the way, this happen in last year December! 

Before baking, we went to eat breakfast/lunch and then buy ingredients :D 

I really feel very blessed to eat with my family :) 
The baking journey start! :) I'm sorry i can't really tell what we use and the method to do this because it is a secret! I actually have a book that i record the recipe and modified it....So yeah! It is pretty personal to me! Hope you all understand! 

Sift sift sift!

Mix mix mix!

Oh yeah!!! Finally use our standing mixer :D 

Whisk whisk whisk!

The man and women behind the scene :P 

Fold fold fold!

Pipe pipe pipe!

Okay.....Some circle look nice while some not....Those that look not nice is i pipe one...... 

In the oven!!!!!!

So my dad didn't do one crucial step.....So the first batch came out not nice :( 

But at least it have "feet" :D
Anyway, after he do the crucial step, everything turn out well :D 

When i see this in the oven! I get so excited! 

After doing the crucial step :D 

It is so pretty!!!! :D And tasty too :D 

This is the third time trying to bake and it is the success french macaron :D 
I did a blog post about my failed macaron...Yeah...I failed twice! 
You can read it HERE
As you all know, french macaron only need egg white....So this is how i use the egg yolk.....

My dad bake the egg yolk and i eat it :P It is really nice! 

So yeah! That's all for today post :D Bye :D 

PS: The things about french macaron is, even though you failed to bake very nicely, it will still taste nice :) So, it is good to give it a try! Try to bake :) 
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