Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bye 2013, Hello 2014 :)

Hi humans! :D Well, i have no idea what to write for the title so........This classic and typical title instead! 2013 is a great year for me and i have learn a lot! :) Hopefully 2014 can be that too :) Hmmm.....I have make some new year resolution for myself but i'm not going to share it here because to me it kind of private! I'm sorry about that! Oh! Recently, I start to write down 3 or more things that i'm blessed of. Guys, write down things that you are blessed of seriously make a big differences! I start to appreciate more and also become happier :) I start to treasure more too! I think the most important things now is spend more time with family and less quarrel with them.....Even though quarrel with them, after that i have to make peace! Life is like this....You often regret things that you said or done or maybe some action but still, regret can be lessen if you tried to apologies and make peace you know! Anyway, i know 2014 i will still make mistakes but mistakes after mistakes, i gain even more experience and knowledge :) So, it isn't a bad things after all :) I just hope my family will be healthy and safe all the time :) So yeah....that's all :) Bye :D 

PS: Saw my new timetable for tomorrow lesson.....I don't really like the teachers but i know god have his/her own ways :) I know god have their own plan for me :) 

PSS: So fast, i have been blogging for 7 years :D 

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