Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bye holiday, Hi school :) / Supper with family :D / Random things :) (pervert question on askfm)

Bye holiday, Hi school : 
Hi humans! Today is the first day of school! This 2 days don't have any lessons as it will be briefing and talk :) Well.....I didn't know it is a bad thing or a good thing for the talk because firstly, it is really boring.....Like seriously...I don't know is it because i didn't sleep (I sleep less than 2 hour, due to bodyclock screw...Hahahaha Serve Fann right) Or it is really that boring. Secondly, i don't really understand what they talking about.... And thirdly, i think it is a waste of time....I prefer to just start studying and having normal lessons. However, i know i will regret saying this talk is boring and wanting to start normal lessons because i know when normal lessons start, it will be really really busy and stress. But i can't wait to get over secondary school life. Anyway, my FAS finally approve and i need to buy books soon. Today, at recess time chatting with friends and we talk about Ah Reum from T-ara. Oh my god, her instagram is really creepy and scary..... I really, truly hope that she is fine.....And yeah....... Oh! Some of our school rule have change! Hmm....The rule now was not bad :) I quite like it :) That's all for today school life, nothing really interesting :) 

Supper with Family :
This is pretty long ago post....Which is like....Last year December! But, let's start anyway! 

Parents food.
Brother food.

Fann food.

Everybody food. 
Enjoy this supper a lot :) We actually walk 2 or 3 stops away from where we live just to eat supper and i really love how the night is so cooling and windy! Really love the feeling :) And then no rush, just walk. I feel so carefree :) 

Oh! We also have Tang Yuan not long ago :) 

Random things :

The free chocolate that my sister take! Did blog about this before. And this is the inside image :) 

Straight hair, curl hair :) I curl hair using straightener :) 

Joseph send this to the band whatapp group! I'm so proud that our senior is in the magazine :) 

This actually remind me that one of our senior too, call Vanessa, also have her very own poster! 
Seriously, i'm so happy for them and how i wish i can be in some magazine or poster too! 

Can you see?! Okay, not asking you all to see the first one but the third one! It so pervert!!!!
And i'm sorry for being so cruel for my first question reply. I'm sorry instead of saying "I love you too" 
I say " I love myself too" 
But hey!!! It the truth! I love myself :) 

Okay....I think you guy can't really see the third question........BUT IT OKAY BECAUSE I SCREENSHOT IT THROUGH COMPUTER LONG AGO! 

Seriously......This is the first time i ever get perverted question! 
Because normally girls get perverted question is either their boobs really big and show cleavage or they are really famous and people hate them. 

And, i damn confirm i did not fall into this 2 categories! 

Anyway, i conclude the person that write this is either blind or BLIND! 
So yeah.....It kind of shock me because i don't expect this kind of question. 
But still....I CAN MANAGE! 
I just want to tell girls if the person trying to be funny, give them back a more funnier answer.
Anyway, that's all :D Bye :) 

PS: I still have a lot of last year December post to be updated. But i think i will blog less frequently because school start and i know i will be really busy! But i promise you guy that i will try to blog when i'm free :) 
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