Sunday, January 26, 2014

Everything is fine for now :)

Hey humans! I'm back again to blog! I actually have tons of things to update but........I realise I didn't edit pictures! So meaning, I can't blog about those kinds of outing, occasions and stuffs like that! Since, I can't blog about that, I should get in more personal and say how I’m doing this days and what's not. Well....School isn't that bad...But not great either! FNN coursework is seriously.......A burden! That's all i can say about school! Every day, my mood is just ruin by FNN coursework because i was so stress up and I seriously have nothing to write about in my coursework! I can sense I’m dying like seriously.... I jump keywords after keywords because i really have no idea what to write....I have to admit that this year question is really difficult...Like i can't even find the accurate answer online and even worse, some didn't even have the answer at all!!! Nothing inspires me to write plus the information on the textbook is just meh.....It always the laptop stare at me and i stare back. I know somebody out there who's taking FNN as a subject will know how i feel right now! So, I’m actually glad that I’m not alone/ not the only one to go through this. 

Recently, the weather is getting colder. Almost every day I’m shivering. Like right now, I didn't even switch on my fan! And I’m not really those type that bring jacket/cardigan everywhere with me. Because, as usual i think is really burden plus my bag is always freaking heavy. So, i don't really bring jacket unless i really cannot take it. Anyway, i think this consider "cold season" will eventually go away since like what my grandmother said, it will only happen when it's near Chinese New Year, which i find it quite true! Or maybe other country is snowing right now?! Oh! This reminds me that Indonesia is snowing like seriously.....Earth is going crazy! Since Singapore already rain ice cube so i guess.....Nothing is impossible! Who know, maybe Singapore going to have 4 season soon! 

My skin is getting from bad to even worse now. I don't know is it because of the cold weather, my skin is super dry and it is peeling off! Now, i'm blessed that facial mask exist :) 

I really look forward to next week which is tomorrow the entire week because it is Chinese New Year week!!! Hmmm.....But at the same time i also quite not looking forward because i have lots of test and quiz. For example, i have Amaths test on Monday, Biology quiz on Tuesday and FNN test on Wednesday. The only day that do not have test is Thursday because it is half day. All this tests and quiz is coming up even more often when the principal set a rule saying no more than 3 tests in a week.....But the problem is we get even more quiz which is even worse. Almost all the teachers said that it is not test, is just a quiz....Like seriously... -.-! Might as well just take down the rule since it is not even fact, the situation now is even worse because more quiz, more stress -.-! 

Yesterday night is super scary. My dad can't sleep because he suffered sudden pain on his left abdominal and his whole stomachs are just bloated. I can see it is not those typical kind of bloating because his stomach is really hard and it is even bigger than those normal bloating. Sister search online and found out is distension. And oh my god, i hope i don't experience this kind of situation again because it is so scary to me. Like, my dad is fine before that, still talking and laughing and the next moment he is in pain. It is just so scary.... Luckily, his bloated stomach went down a little after mum helps him massage his stomach. The next morning, he went to the clinic and get medicines. I'm so thankful and blessed that he is alright now! I guess, this make me to treasure people around me much more. Because we really don't know what is going to happen next.... But everything is fine for now :) I'm blessed! Thanks god! 


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