Saturday, January 11, 2014

It been a while.....

Hi humans :) I know it been a while since i last blog.... I'm sorry that i didn't blog as frequently as before. Mainly because i'm busy with my school work and CCA. I'm really sorry about that. In fact, i don't even have the time to on my computer! I guess, i only can on computer when i'm free....Basically....It will be at weekend :) Argh....School is so stressful!!! I already stress out. Whenever teacher teach something new....And i don't get it or maybe still haven get the hang of it....I will be so stress and then just keep asking people and read the textbook over and over again. I think the most stress is FNN coursework.....Since, i didn't learn about the investigate thingy and I don't understand a single thing teacher is saying. Although teacher give us a few sample to read i still catch no ball. Even worse, when i trying to concentrate and read again and again, the teacher keep interrupt and ask useless questions. Her jokes is not even funny! Even when she acted, trying to be funny it just make me want to roll eyes. Currently trying to edit some pictures so i can blog on one of the family outing so....Please be patient :) And....Yeah, yesterday went out with ZiYun and Gillian to NYP for the open house.... Finally i know what courses i'm interested in :D I am so going to study hard :) And today, i also will be going out with family to shop for Chinese New Year stuffs. So yeah.....I guess i won't really dress up because i can't wear contact lens for today....My eyes is swollen and my left eye is horribly painful. It was like.....Someone have just punch my eye :( So yeah....I guess this is the end of this post :) Bye :) 

PS: CCA carnival is so fun as always :D Play different kind of pieces and memories just kept flowing back!!!! Ahhhh miss those days~ The fun....and the people.... ~

PSS: Currently still thinking if i want to perform for NDP and Artnight.... 

PSSS: Claire horn miss her so much that it spoiled! Currently using Edmund horn! And his horn is so hard to press!!!!!!! 

PSSSS: I finally know how to play a little bit of blue ridge saga :D 

PSSSSS: Conductor change again and i never get a chance to see Mr Sim face! 

PSSSSSS: I don't know how many "SSSS" i wanna write! Hahahaha! Mr Ng is quite good and funny but he so strict and fierce at the same time! Anyway his assistant is so good looking! Hahahahaa!!! :P

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