Saturday, January 18, 2014

Nails :)

Hi humans :) I'm back again :) Since i have the time.....(Actually still have mountain of homework still undone). Anyway, today is my first day tuition lessons and all went pretty well! Hmm.... Classmates change, teacher change....It not the last time teacher nor the one that i guess....But still, I like my tuition teacher! Maybe because she is counselor that's why she very funny, hyper and not that fierce! Our class only have 6 people and all are girls i think....Since 2 of them never come! Anyway, moving on! Recently, my eyes is double eyelid!!!!! Oh my god! Can you feel how happy i am?! It been double eyelids for almost like 2 weeks! I hope it develop into permanent double eyelids please!!! *pray* 

My mum and sister bought a lot of nails design thingy.....For examples, stickers and fake nails in order to prepare for Chinese New Year!~ Since we are all very busy, stickers and fake nails always come in handy! Save the hassle for wasting your time, painting your nails and draw it on your own! So, i'm going to share with you what they bought :D 

-Sister bought-

Hello Kitty stickers :) 

Rainbow 3D stickers :)

Don't know what is this design but still.......nice lah!

Chanel stickers :) 

Minions stickers!

Mustache stickers :) 

They also give my sister free nail filer :) One side is pink, other side is blue :) 
-Mum bought- 

Minnie mouse inspired fake nails :) 

Watermelon fake nails :) 

Leopard print fake nails :) 

Music inspired fake nails :) 

Hello Kitty fake nails :) 

Butterfly fake nails :) 

This is my favourite! :D 
Sweet heart fake nails :) 

floral polka dots fake nails :) 

Anyway, some of the nails i did draw (YES DRAW!) on my sister nails before! For example, the hello kitty, leopard print and the Minnie mouse inspired one! Oh! And the watermelon!

But overall, i still excited and happy when they bought it because i have never try them before! So yeah..... That's all for today :) 
Bye :) 

PS: FNN coursework is driving me nut! So stress!!! The topic is crazily difficult! 
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