Thursday, February 13, 2014

Drama illness / today /

OH MY GOD HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY DRAMA ILLNESS IS COMING BACK! Seriously can't handle it! Full House Thailand version is seriously so freaking nice! I keep replay the songs again and again! (HEREOne week 2 episodes is not enough!!!! And i watch this video again and again too! They seriously so cute and sweet together! (HERE) Whoever did that fan video is seriously daebak! *thumb up* Really like it when they wear their glasses!!! *.* Ahhh!!!! Drama illness is seriously..... Argh!!!! 

Anyway, moving on! Today is quite a good day for me and oh my god! Today i ran 1.2km outside the school for PE to train 2.4km! I can predict myself failing 2.4km AGAIN! Seriously, really miss Qiao Ling for helping/teaching/supporting me when i ran during sec 1! She is really an awesome coach/friend! Running seriously drain me out! But at least i'm not that guilty of eating too much since i make the effort to exercise during PE! Oh! And by the way, i thought suppose to ask question and then we answer? How come become asking for selfie?! This particular stranger is really strange. Been asking for my selfie, ootd selfie and full body selfie...... Creepy much! Is either this person obsessed with me or hate me to death.

Anyway, i finally finish editing some of the pictures for my next post! Stay tune for that :D And that's all for today post! Bye :D 
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