Sunday, February 16, 2014

Family outing to Chinatown :)

Hi humans! :D Oh my god! I just watch episode 11 of full house Thailand version without subtitle because i'm desperate like that! How i wish i know their language!!!! 
Anyway going out with family to Chinatown to count down i think.... Oh my god it too long i can't really remember :P Anyway, the only thing i remember is that time my eyes swollen and i can't wear lens. And no lens mean unglam to me. So yah, this blog post have a lot of unglam pictures of me LOL! And then i also remember that it is super crowded!

My unglam outfit. But is comfortable okay!

With my brother :P 

Then we went to eat! 

After that went to the mall to shop! 
After that outside to shop! 

Go and watch performance and see them on light! 
And then realise that we at the backstage instead of front. 
But whatever, i just want to see them on light and put firework! 

At the shop where they sell pudding or jelly....? Whatever.
I only know it is the shop that the blogger Qiuqiu get cheated. 

 Light that is still off.
And then on.

Sorry that this is a small pictures but i already try my best to make it big already but.......this is the maximum. 


Love love firework :D 

Things that i bought.

Things mum bought. 

We still bought a couple of house decoration thingy but i didn't take a pictures of that! 
The reason is when we went home, my father immediately decorate so....Yeah.... I can't take a picture. 

Anyway, that's all for this post :) 
Actually want to upload this during Valentine day but i got lazy and didn't type finish the post! 
Also, my mouse spoiled and i really really hate to use the laptop mouse because.....i just love to use those typical mouse that can scroll. I seriously need to buy a mouse.....Hopefully with a design i like. 

So yah! Bye :D 

#nowplaying oh baby i ~ 
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