Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Full House Thailand version/ NYP Open house :) / Family Outing :D

Hi humans! It been the longest time since i blog! Anyway, told myself that i need to blog soon because i have so many outdated things need to blog about! Hahahahaa! :D Recently quite busy with school work and also.......Watching drama!!!!!! I know i shouldn't watch but seriously the show is too nice not to watch! I currently watch Full house, Thailand version! I already watched Full House Korean version long ago so, i give Thailand a try! And OH MY GOD! IT FREAKING NICE! They are so sweet! Plus the actor and actress is so good looking!!!! I feel so stalker because i actually found out their instagram account and follow them! Hahahaha!!! The actor is so freaking talented in my opinion! He has a hot body, singer, dancer, good looking, cute, director of his own MV and actor! The actress is so pretty and cute!!! Like a barbie doll! 

Currently listening to their OST - Oh Baby I. Sang by the actor and actress! 
Link is here if you want to listen! (HERE)
Ship Mike and Aom! 
Okay anyway! Enough of the show! I should continue with the NYP open house and Family outing! 

Fann have to camwhore before she go out!

Wear this platform shoes! All i can say is comfortable :D 

Went NYP open house with Ziyun and Gillian! Really attracted to biotechnology course! I want to study forensic science! :D 
It is so cool when i can see my own fingerprint! :D 
I'm sorry that the picture i make it blur! Just in case! For security reason or safety reason!

My outfit of that day :D 
After that went to meet my family for dinner :D 
With brother :)

With sister :)


Brother, Mum and Dad :D

Sister and Me :) 
Yeah! That's all for this post! 

Ended off with my selfie :D
Bye :D
Stay tune for my next blog post :D 

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