Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yesterday / Class decoration :D / Today :D

Hi humans :D So i'm back again to blog! I actually want to blog yesterday, but i drank too much caffeine drink i actually felt like vomiting. So, feeling unwell, i rest yesterday but i manage finish editing photos yesterday so i can make my life a little bit easier today. And if you are wondering what drink i drank yesterday is actually mc cafe - mocha frappe. I don't know why, but yesterday that drink, the coffee is stronger than the chocolate but i like it anyway. Chocolate and coffee combination is awesome! And i also think mc cafe is a great substitute of Starbuck because Starbuck is really expensive. In my whole entire 17 years, i only like.....Drank Starbuck once. Yesterday also went on pretty awesome. I receive the letter of speech day award again for N level top student! This is my third time going up on stage during speech day! I didn't on stage last year...or maybe last last year.... because i get 4th position instead of 3rd position so yah....That's pretty upset me but anyway, at least i get to go on stage again this year! How i wish i can go up on stage because of O level result too....Seriously i have to work even harder for that!

Oh! Typical Fann always watch Youtube video and my favourite Youtuber bubzbeauty actually pregnant!!!!! So happy for her!!! And i can't wait to see babybubz! Congratulation Tim and Lindy!!! :D I think Tim whole name is Timothy....Not quite sure...So i should just say Tim! Anyway, Congratulation!!!!!! Oh my god, i'm so excited!!! :D

So yeah! Let's get to the topic of class decoration! :D If you read my blog, you will know that our class win the class decoration :D So yeah, here is the pictures of our class :D

Gillian love this dragon :) 

Ziyun love this rabbit :P This photo credit to her! :)

So yeah! Won 2nd place :D 
Prize pictures credit to Eugene :) 
Today :) 
Hi humans :D So i almost late for today tuition because i busy blogging the things above this morning! Anyway, felt so demoralised  after receiving back my composition writing :( So many red ink over and other people was like.....don't even have that much red ink :( Seriously, why can't my English just as good as my Chinese?! :( Anyway, back from tuition and also ate nasi lemak and ice cream :P Unhealthy foods is always delicious :) 

So yeah, that's all for today i guess! Need to workout, shower and do homework i guess :)
Bye :D 

#nowplaying Mike D. Angelo - Break You Off Tonight 

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