Saturday, March 1, 2014

Apparel :)

Hi humans! :D Did you notice any changes in my blog? :P Heehee! Yup! I change blogskin, header, colour and cursor yesterday! Seriously, really sick and tired of my old blogskin! Anyway, have you guy listen and see the MV of SNSD Mr Mr? :D Freaking awesome man! Freaking love Taeyeon hair at the ending of the MV! The doll hair is so pretty!!  Oh! Did you guy listen and see the MV of CN BLUE Can't stop?? Yonghwa damn handsome inside! But i still love my Minhyuk :D Love it when they wear pink!! :D Really love the arrangement of Minhyuk at the front and Yonghwa at the back with piano! This allow me to see Minhyuk scene more! Okay, back to topic! Recently, bought clothes again! See the pictures below and you will know! 

My Clothes :D 

Panda :D Face X Butt :P 

Crop Sleeveless Shirt :) 

High waist black and red short :) 

Pink and blue skirt :) 
Love the Eiffel tower zip :) 

Domo T-shirt :) 

This stitch jacket is for Li Wen my bestie :D 
This is her belated birthday present :) 

Simple black skirt :) 

White Dress :) 

My sister clothes :) 

Floral short :) 

Origami short :) 

Long sleeve shirt :) 

Simple sleeveless black T-shirt that have criss cross infront :) 

Tribal design black shirt :)

92 shirt :) 

There are still a lot more sister clothes but i didn't take pictures of it. The reason is my handphone have not enough memory space and i piss off..... :P
So that's all for today post :)
Bye :) 
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