Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Memorable Outing :) - first time bowling & pool

Hi humans :) I'm finally going to blog about this outing after for so long! I have been procrastinating.... A lot of thing have happen for the past week! Feel like telling you guy what happen for the past week but if i said, this blog post will going to be super duper long so nope.....I should went straight away and write about this outing. :) But i have to say that Monday, which is the March Holiday Monday....I went back to school and have 7 hour and 45 minutes of FNN coursework and i think i deserve a pat on the shoulder hahahaha! Okay, so let's get started! Stay tune at the end for video hahahaha!!! :P 

My outfit of that day :) 

And guess who i saw!!!

I saw Elvin Ng!!! :) 

Then we went for bowling :) 

While waiting for my turn to play, it is those moment "wait for a while, it times for selfie!" 
And the creepy guy at the back look headless. 

My turn~

One funny thing happen, Lingli actually throw the bowling ball to another aisle which is other people aisle beside us instead of our aisle.....YES!! HER BOWLING BALL LIKE FLY OFF! We are all shock but laugh at the same time because it just so funny! And the person beside us which is their aisle, laugh too! :D

After that is pool time!

And seriously the pool cue freaking same height as me! WTF! 
So you typically using me and play the pool. Oh my..... 

And i have to pose with my shortie "buddy" you know. 

Look pro but pro not. 

My favourite shot LOL! 
The pro ain't gonna use 2 hands yo! 

*To be honest, ZiYun is real pro for pool while Gillian is real pro for bowling. 

Another selfie :)
 In the toilet of course! Kind of hate it that they don't have full length mirror. 
Big ass size mirror but not full length.....

Went to this place and eat dinner with them :)

Love it that they have free WiFi! :D 

ZiYun and I order the same thing which is the milk tea :) 

LingLi Hot lemon tea :)

I swear Gillian drink is always the most unique one.
Her drink which i don't know what is it....I think is watermelon juice :) 

Lingli Pasta :)

Mine Bake rice! :P

ZiYun and Gillian foods :) 

Gillian food! 

ZiYun, LingLi, Me, Gillian :) 

This day is seriously memorable :) First time pool and bowling :)
And i have a lot of fun and enjoy myself :) 

Okay here is all the videos of our failed moment :) 

Apparently, playing the normal way i still failed...

But playing the normal way is too mainstream!

And i know i super failed at playing this.....I don't even know how to hold the stick and how to hit hahahaha!!! Eh, but first time yo so don't expect much! 

Oh my god! All videos finally load finish! I almost give up waiting!
Hope you guy enjoy :D 
Bye :) 

PS: Yes, i do some editing in the video because i say way too much vulgarity and yes i cut away all those :P

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