Friday, March 28, 2014

What We Bought :)

Hi humans :) From the title above you will know what i want to write about! Although we didn't bought a lot but i just want to share what we bought! So, hope you readers enjoy reading! :) 

So, sister and I went shopping one day because there are Watson sale so we went there and bought some stuffs :) Here is it :) 

4 pore strips :) 

Sister bought this men face wash for her boyfriend :) 

I bought 2 Revlon matte balm and 1 Revlon gloss balm i think :) 

And they gave free Revlon eye shadow palette :) 

Bought 3 My Beauty Diary face mask :) However, this was bought from Sasa though because it is cheaper! 

Sister bought 1 Hello Kitty pouch :) 

After that went to eat and of course cannot forget my Mc cafe :D 

We also bought lens :) 

They give free earring because of the delay :) 

This Rexona is free, given by the school. Obviously they think students smell bad that's why give us this to indirectly tell us. Hahahahaa! Okay luh, i'm just joking. They advertising for this brand luh! They even have talk and performance about smelling nice and use Rexona....LOL. I love the dance performance perform by them though but the talk not so much. 
Anyway, that's all for this post :)
Bye :) 
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