Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Friday / Chinese New Year :)

Hey human! :D Last Friday, have an appointment at 2pm! Went to see a dermatologist to treat my skin because it is seriously getting worse and i can't stand it. So yeah, she gave me medicine, cream and cleanser to treat my skin! Last Friday night i started using and the next morning i see a different!! My skin is definitely getting better and the redness reduce! Heard that the clinic is quite good though and when i went there, woah!!!! The queue is damn freaking long! Luckily my uncle went to register for me first! So yeah! I am so excited to go there and forget to bring my phone along! So i'm sorry there are no picture of the clinic! And also last Friday night quarrel with my mum! But luckily the cold war is only a short period! Phew!~ Anyway finally finish editing Chinese New Year photos! Here it is!

So the day before Chinese New Year, of course must eat reunion dinner! And no, my dinner is not fancy like other people that eat steamboat. But i'm contented :) It taste nice anyway!

So New Year that day~~~

My outfit of that day :) 

Basically, this year is definitely not a good New Year for me because i freaking get criticise and get look down by relative and so i cried on the spot. 
Oh, i get look down is because i'm currently studying Secondary 5 and they said Secondary 5 is for those that are not clever people. 
Seriously, people are so judgmental! 
I hope you all burn in hell. 

Hence, i don't want to elaborate further on how my day went because it certainly ruin. 

But! I have pictures :) 

Me and Brother :)

Me and Sister :) 

Me and Dad :) 

Mum and Me :) 


So here is the accessory i wore :) 

Heart Bracelet :) 

Ring :)

love this fox earring! But it is heavy though! 

Necklace :) 

Some extra shot :) 

This pair of earring i didn't wear it that day. But it is bought together with the fox earring :) 

End off with this picture!
The reason is because i love this picture :D 
Bye! :D 
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