Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hello everyone :) Recently, my life have been really hectic. Feel freaking stress all the time. MYE is coming soon....Like next week. Seriously can't wait to leave secondary school life......I really need some thing new, fun and exciting things happen in my life because my life routine is always the same. Boring and dull. I'm ready to experience new thing and new life. But, most importantly right now is to find back my time, freedom and motivation... Recently get tired so damn easily. I hope everything will be alright.....

By the way, since my MYE is coming soon. I'm not going to update as often. i apologise for that! But i promise you i will be back soon and update when i am free :)

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Be Forensic Scientist :)

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ Anyway, i think i should summarise everything i do in March holiday, even though now is like April....LOL! I will do another post that summarise March Holiday anyway.....Okay! So, one of the March holiday, which is Friday, we have class learning journey to science centre! It been like century since i last went science centre and every time i went there is always with the class. ALWAYS! I promise i will go back there soon with my friends without the teacher supervising hahaha! :P After going this trip, i know more about genetic which is the chapter that i currently studying and this make me even more sure about my goal which is to study forensic science in the future. So let's start this journey!!

I wake up early in the morning that day! Okay, not that early because i almost late. But still, i manage to make it on time! After that, we went there by.......VAN! At first, i thought we go there by that big big bus and then we share with other classes but....NO! We are that small van! It is so funny because the van look like those K-pop idol will use.....It just that our a bit small and worn out i guess. And our class guy was like, "Let's go up, we need to go concert to perform." And i remember when they want to pull open the door, the door automatic open for us! And we was like "woah! Not bad!" After that, the whole journey is very difficult for me because i felt like vomiting plus it is a long journey! The van is quite suffocating because it is small and also i have motion sickness. I'm kind of proud that i didn't puke LOL!!! After that, we reach our destination and realise we went there too early that it didn't open yet. So we explore the outside and play a lot of interesting thing! Such as, looking through the peek hole, swing, go in the tunnel, play the water, play the musical instrument etc. I have to apologise that i'm so busy playing that i forget to take a picture......Sorry! But, i did take pictures of dinosaur :P 

After that, finally we go in and do the genetic test! :D Everything is super fun and i learnt a lot :) 
Feel so excited to do experiment and using advanced equipment like a pro :P 
This is my first time handling genes :D But before doing the real experiment, we need to learn how to use the equipment and also practice using green food colouring instead of genes first. 

After that we use some electric thingy so we can identified if the genes inherited diseases. 

After the practical, we go back to school by that van again. It is super scary because the driver actually fall asleep while driving. Suddenly feel blessed that we didn't meet any accident. Thank god!!! :) 
After that, went Mac Donald with Lingli and Ziyun!  Oh! By the way, the mango ice cream very very super duper sweet! But is nice :) 
Okay! That's all for this science centre trip!!! :D 
Bye :D 

*3 days of holiday. Mountain of homework. What is life?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Speech Day :)

Hi humans :D Not going to rant about this few days stuffs......or maybe i should rant on another day! Hahahahaa :P Anyway, i should go straight to the point of this post :)

Last time wearing this...

As you guy know, i have already stand down from band! The second time! Since i stand down last year too! Nothing exciting happen. But i am happy to go up on stage and get my N-level top student award :D 

Taken this book simply because my name is inside :P 

As always, it was quite boring but luckily, Gillian sit next to me and we talk a lot! But hey! We very long didn't see each other, of course there are a lot to catch up! Anyway, after receiving my award, i went straight up to my school gallery, which is at the top of the hall to perform. I find that it is quite useless because firstly, gallery is at the top of the hall.........AT THE BACK! So nobody will see us performing because they look at the stage instead of at the back. Secondly, we only perform school song........which is quite saddening because this will be my last time performing and the last piece i perform is the school song -.- What's the point of having us when they can just play the recording of the school song! Anyway, still perform and end my night happily :D Saw Claire as she came back and see us!! Freaking miss her!!!

Thank you to all those juniors that give me presents :D And also thank to those that have already given me presents last year :) 

Thank Ms Chia for giving us sweet and little sweet note :D 

Although my night end happily, but it not the same when i reach home as something scary happen which i can't say....Sorry about that.

So yeah! That's all for this speech day post! :D
Bye :D 

*Today is a hectic day! 4 tests straight today! Luckily, it's all over for now! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Random thought.

Sometime i don't understand school. School gave us mountain of homework. Gave us a lot of test. End up we have to sleep late which cause us lack of sleep. Next morning, still need to wake up early plus cannot be late. School still expect us to eat breakfast when we have no time in the morning. If we sleep in class, we get scolded from teacher. We have to be attentive if not we miss important information. Not only that, we still have to stay back for coursework, extra lessons and some of them have CCA. By the time we go back home, it is already very late. We need to bathe and eat dinner. We need to study for test, revision and do a pile of homework. No time to rest and do the things you want to do. And the cycle repeat again. And yes, welcome to student life. 

It is so funny that the school set a rule saying no more than 3 tests in a week. But well, this week i have freaking 5 tests. And yes welcome to student life where some rules set for teacher is not been followed. 

And yes, this is my random thought/voicing out because i was too fucking stress until the extend that i can break down. And yes, i shouldn't be typing all this when i have 2 tests tomorrow and a pile of homework still left undone but seriously, i need to voice out my stress if not i think i will go commit suicide. 

*just kidding about the commit suicide part. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flag Day :)

Hi humans :) Going to blog about this meaningful day today! 
- Flag Day: 
As you all know or may not know, this is my 3rd time doing flag day! I have always been liking this day because i felt it is super meaningful and also is the day i can see different kind of people, the day that i said a lot of "thank you!" Doing flag day make me learn a bit more about this day society, people characteristic and other more. It is pretty interesting! I won't deny that i'm judging every single one of the people that didn't donate....I know i should't judge but seriously.....PEOPLE DO JUDGE NO MATTER WHAT OKAY! And yeah....Flag day go on smoothly and i did not encounter any trouble, scolding or lecture compared to my previous 2 flag day experience! It kind of sadden me that most of the people that donate is often elderly, uncle and auntie and family that have children. Now i wonder, what happen to those teenagers and adult that are working? I'm not saying that all teenagers and adult that are working did not donate nor am i saying that all elderly, uncle and auntie and family that have children donate but just wondering you know.....Because mostly is really those people that are much older such as elderly donate. Now i ask you, what can you see from here? From what i see is that people are becoming more and more selfish. Really....And that's what i really see. It pretty saddening. 

Okay, this is how i judge. I have learn that not to judge the book by it cover after this. And all the point i list down is true, base on what i see and experience. 

1) A man wearing a long sleeve shirt with a tie and a suit, very neat and tidy with his leather working bag and wearing leather shoes. Dress pretty smart isn't it? At first, i thought...Probably he will donate since he look rich and he probably working in the office which consider have a not bad salary. But to my amazement he said no thank you. Still polite but donate.

2) A women, wearing elegant black dress with black high heel. Carrying a LV bag. "Woah! She look rich!" I thought to myself. But end up, she just walk away.....ignoring me. How can i not judge? Probably the LV bag is fake isn't it? Or maybe she really rich but....still no manner, no donate. 

3) Teenagers wearing a really casual clothes but fashionable, went to shopping. I thought to myself maybe they will donate a few since they come here shopping, confirm have money in their pocket. But they say no and walk away....Even worse, some see until us, they run past us....YES RUN! Or some of you, they prefer to take the longer route to reach their destination rather than donating and went to the shorter route. I really don't understand why most teenager scared of us because we didn't even point a gun at their head and say must donate. Donation can be whatever amount, is the sincerity that matter the most isn't it? 

4) I realised quite a number of people said, "Sorry i have no coin." This really make me wonder......Donation doesn't necessary have to donate coin....You can donate notes too! Why they have this mindset that die die must donate coin? I don't understand. 

5) An elderly, did not dress really fancy, but she donate. Not only she donate, she still very friendly, kind and chat with us about helping people more often! I love most elderly really...They are so generous that i actually respect them a lot. 

6) A family, with their children. As you know children like to donate and paste sticker on their clothes which is like what i do when i was young, so of course the parents always give coin to the children and ask them donate.....This is the scene that i'm most touch and feel a lot of love :) I hope that those children grow up will learn how to help people and i think that their parents teach them the right thing! Especially if they know this is to help other needy people! 

Okay luh! Not going to say so much about what i judge...However, what i said is true okay! 

I'm happy to say that I and my friends donation bag is quite heavy and our efforts pay off :D But still, have to thank those who donated :D Plus, it is not easy though because there are other school that went to the same place as us and ask for donation. It is so funny that most of the people donate to us and they got angry......Don't you think is funny? I mean like why so angry? In the end, all the donation go to the same place isn't it? And it kind of sadden me that some people didn't put in the effort when asking people to donate. I have learnt that standing like a statue does not help. We have to approach them, interact with them, smile and talk to them. Perhaps they are shy....I hope. 

Anyway, have KFC breakfast with ZiYun and LingLi that day too :D 

That's all for this wordy post :D
Bye :)

PS: Not trying to offend anyone. What i said is just my thoughts.