Thursday, April 17, 2014

Be Forensic Scientist :)

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ Anyway, i think i should summarise everything i do in March holiday, even though now is like April....LOL! I will do another post that summarise March Holiday anyway.....Okay! So, one of the March holiday, which is Friday, we have class learning journey to science centre! It been like century since i last went science centre and every time i went there is always with the class. ALWAYS! I promise i will go back there soon with my friends without the teacher supervising hahaha! :P After going this trip, i know more about genetic which is the chapter that i currently studying and this make me even more sure about my goal which is to study forensic science in the future. So let's start this journey!!

I wake up early in the morning that day! Okay, not that early because i almost late. But still, i manage to make it on time! After that, we went there by.......VAN! At first, i thought we go there by that big big bus and then we share with other classes but....NO! We are that small van! It is so funny because the van look like those K-pop idol will use.....It just that our a bit small and worn out i guess. And our class guy was like, "Let's go up, we need to go concert to perform." And i remember when they want to pull open the door, the door automatic open for us! And we was like "woah! Not bad!" After that, the whole journey is very difficult for me because i felt like vomiting plus it is a long journey! The van is quite suffocating because it is small and also i have motion sickness. I'm kind of proud that i didn't puke LOL!!! After that, we reach our destination and realise we went there too early that it didn't open yet. So we explore the outside and play a lot of interesting thing! Such as, looking through the peek hole, swing, go in the tunnel, play the water, play the musical instrument etc. I have to apologise that i'm so busy playing that i forget to take a picture......Sorry! But, i did take pictures of dinosaur :P 

After that, finally we go in and do the genetic test! :D Everything is super fun and i learnt a lot :) 
Feel so excited to do experiment and using advanced equipment like a pro :P 
This is my first time handling genes :D But before doing the real experiment, we need to learn how to use the equipment and also practice using green food colouring instead of genes first. 

After that we use some electric thingy so we can identified if the genes inherited diseases. 

After the practical, we go back to school by that van again. It is super scary because the driver actually fall asleep while driving. Suddenly feel blessed that we didn't meet any accident. Thank god!!! :) 
After that, went Mac Donald with Lingli and Ziyun!  Oh! By the way, the mango ice cream very very super duper sweet! But is nice :) 
Okay! That's all for this science centre trip!!! :D 
Bye :D 

*3 days of holiday. Mountain of homework. What is life?

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