Monday, April 7, 2014

Random thought.

Sometime i don't understand school. School gave us mountain of homework. Gave us a lot of test. End up we have to sleep late which cause us lack of sleep. Next morning, still need to wake up early plus cannot be late. School still expect us to eat breakfast when we have no time in the morning. If we sleep in class, we get scolded from teacher. We have to be attentive if not we miss important information. Not only that, we still have to stay back for coursework, extra lessons and some of them have CCA. By the time we go back home, it is already very late. We need to bathe and eat dinner. We need to study for test, revision and do a pile of homework. No time to rest and do the things you want to do. And the cycle repeat again. And yes, welcome to student life. 

It is so funny that the school set a rule saying no more than 3 tests in a week. But well, this week i have freaking 5 tests. And yes welcome to student life where some rules set for teacher is not been followed. 

And yes, this is my random thought/voicing out because i was too fucking stress until the extend that i can break down. And yes, i shouldn't be typing all this when i have 2 tests tomorrow and a pile of homework still left undone but seriously, i need to voice out my stress if not i think i will go commit suicide. 

*just kidding about the commit suicide part. 
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