Friday, April 11, 2014

Speech Day :)

Hi humans :D Not going to rant about this few days stuffs......or maybe i should rant on another day! Hahahahaa :P Anyway, i should go straight to the point of this post :)

Last time wearing this...

As you guy know, i have already stand down from band! The second time! Since i stand down last year too! Nothing exciting happen. But i am happy to go up on stage and get my N-level top student award :D 

Taken this book simply because my name is inside :P 

As always, it was quite boring but luckily, Gillian sit next to me and we talk a lot! But hey! We very long didn't see each other, of course there are a lot to catch up! Anyway, after receiving my award, i went straight up to my school gallery, which is at the top of the hall to perform. I find that it is quite useless because firstly, gallery is at the top of the hall.........AT THE BACK! So nobody will see us performing because they look at the stage instead of at the back. Secondly, we only perform school song........which is quite saddening because this will be my last time performing and the last piece i perform is the school song -.- What's the point of having us when they can just play the recording of the school song! Anyway, still perform and end my night happily :D Saw Claire as she came back and see us!! Freaking miss her!!!

Thank you to all those juniors that give me presents :D And also thank to those that have already given me presents last year :) 

Thank Ms Chia for giving us sweet and little sweet note :D 

Although my night end happily, but it not the same when i reach home as something scary happen which i can't say....Sorry about that.

So yeah! That's all for this speech day post! :D
Bye :D 

*Today is a hectic day! 4 tests straight today! Luckily, it's all over for now! 
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